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Carvings of Tambot and fellow Boholano hero Sikatuna

Tamblot was a babaylan or native priest from Bohol, Philippines, who led the Tamblot Uprising in 1621 to 1622 during the Spanish era. He opposed the new religion spread by the Spaniards and fought against the subsequent conversion of the Boholanos to the Catholic faith. According to Legend, he challenged the Spanish priest, and when he won, he earned the trust of the people. He exhorted them free themselves from Spanish oppression, leading 2,000 followers in what was dubbed as the "Tamblot Uprising" or "Tamblot Revolt".[1]


Little is known about Tamblot except that he was a babaylan of Barrio Tupas, in Antequera town who led a number of his pagan followers to wage a religious war against the Spaniards for fear that their Bathala would be replaced by the God of the Catholic religion.[2]

The Tamblot uprising was one of two significant revolts that occurred in Bohol during the Spanish Era. The other one was the Dagohoy Rebellion, considered as the longest rebellion in Philippine history. This rebellion was led by Francisco Dagohoy, also known as Francisco Sendrijas, from 1744 to 1829.[3]

Tamblot features in the Bohol provincial flag as one of the two bolos or native swords with handle and hand-guards on top. These two bolos, which are reclining respectively towards the left and right, depict the Dagohoy and Tamblot revolts, symbolizing that a true Boholano will rise and fight if supervening factors embroil them into something beyond reason or tolerance.[4]


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