Tambo River (Peru)

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Tambo River
Rio Tambo (Peru).jpg
View of the Tambo River near Puerto Prado
Country Peru
Source Confluence of Ene and Perené Rivers
 - elevation 400 m (1,312 ft)
 - coordinates 11°9′56″S 74°14′7″W / 11.16556°S 74.23528°W / -11.16556; -74.23528
Mouth Ucayali River
 - location confluence with Urubamba River, Peru
 - elevation 287 m (942 ft)
 - coordinates 10°41′57″S 73°45′22″W / 10.69917°S 73.75611°W / -10.69917; -73.75611Coordinates: 10°41′57″S 73°45′22″W / 10.69917°S 73.75611°W / -10.69917; -73.75611
Length 159 km (99 mi)
Rio Apurímac.png
Map of large rivers in south-central Peru

The Tambo River (Spanish: Río Tambo) is a Peruvian river on the eastern slopes of the Andes. The name only refers to a relatively short section; about 159 km (99 mi) long. It starts at the confluence of the Ene and Perené Rivers at the town of Puerto Prado. From here the Tambo River flows 70 km (43 mi) in an easterly direction and then turns north. When merging with the Urubamba River at the town of Atalaya, it becomes the Ucayali River.

The Tambo is part of the headwaters of the Amazon River whose origin is the Apúrimac River at Nevado Mismi.