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Founded 2009
Distributor(s) Playground Music (digital and physical in Scandinavia), Believe Digital (digital in World excl. Scandinavia), Module Distribution (physical in France), Broken Silence (physical in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Japan)
Genre alternative, experimental music, Indie rock, indie pop
Country of origin  Denmark
Location Copenhagen
Official website www.tambourhinoceros.net

Tambourhinoceros is a Danish indie record label.


The label was created in 2009 as a way for the founders to show the "burning love we have for music (our releases as well as art and music as phenomenons)".[1] Its first release was Kristen and Marie's debut EP in May 2010.

Tambourhinoceros is internationally known for its production of Danish indie pop band Treefight for Sunlight, which has received positive ratings in both the US and the UK.[2] On that band's debut album, A Collection of Vibrations for Your Skull, a song entitled "Tambourhinoceros Jam" was included, which is assumed to be a tribute to the record label.

In 2011, Tambourhinoceros was awarded with a Gaffa Award for its contribution to the Danish music scene.

Whilst it is primarily a record label, Tambourhinoceros is also doing publishing, management, graphic design and web design for their artists.[1]

Aske Zidore left the label in 2012, and since early 2013 Tue Kjerstein & Kristoffer Rom have been the managing directors.

In 2016 Tambourhinoceros was recognised as one of Europe's most inspiring young label and was selected by IMPALA and The Independent Echo for the FIVEUNDERFIFTEEN campaign.[3]



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