Tambun biscuit

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Tambun biscuits

Tambun biscuits (Chinese: 淡汶餅; Tâi-lô: Tām-būn-piánn) are a miniaturised form of Tau Sar Pneah (Chinese: 豆沙餅; Tâi-lô: Tāu-sá-piánn), both famous Penang delicacies made from wheat flour, sugar, green bean paste, fried onions, lard and salt. The pastry was believed to be invented in Bukit Tambun, Penang.[1] Its popularity as a delicacy has made this biscuit one of the must-buy souvenirs from Penang.

Some bakeries call them dragon balls, a nickname coined by locals.

The biscuits are sweet and salty, from the sweet crust and the salty filling.



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