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Developer(s) tazaldoo UG
Initial release 2012
Available in English, German
Type Twitter Search Engine
Website tame.it

Tame is an analytic research tool for Twitter, developed in 2012 by Arno Dirlam (CTO), Frederik Fischer (CEO) and Torsten Müller (CCO).[1][2][3]

Tame is a spin-off from Humboldt University of Berlin.[4] The team of journalists and developers aimed to design a context search engine in real time for Twitter. It ranks the frequency of hashtags being used, users being mentioned and links being shared the most.[5][6] Tame is mainly used by journalists (e.g. ZDF, ARD, Die Zeit), politicians, PR and marketing experts as well as NGOs.[7]

Tame is located in Berlin and San Francisco.[8]

Through crowdinvesting at Companisto, Tame was able to collect € 250.000 (ca. US $ 335.000) venture capital.[9][10] It was Winner of the German Silicon Valley Accelerator 2013.[8] Additionally, Tame gained further financing from “Pro FIT” program by Investitionsbank Berlin in six-figure amount in 2013.[11] It was presented as a start-up at the German social media conference re:publica[12] and at ARTE Future.[13]


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