Tame Yourself

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Tame Yourself
Tame Yourself Album Cover.jpg
Compilation album by
Various artists
ReleasedApril 30, 1991

Tame Yourself was an album released by Rhino Records on April 30, 1991 to benefit PETA.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Don't Be Part of It" - Howard Jones
  2. "Tame Yourself" - Raw Youth
  3. "I'll Give You My Skin" - Indigo Girls and Michael Stipe
  4. "Damned Old Dog" - k.d. lang
  5. "Quiche Lorraine" (Live) - The B-52's
  6. "Slaves" - Fetchin' Bones
  7. "Born for a Purpose" - The Pretenders
  8. "Don't Kill The Animals" ('91 Mix) - Nina Hagen and Lene Lovich
  9. "Fur" - Jane Wiedlin
  10. "Asleep Too Long" - The Goosebumps
  11. "Rage" - Erasure and Lene Lovich
  12. "Bless the Beasts and the Children" - Belinda Carlisle
  13. "Across the Way" - Aleka's Attic
  14. "Do What I Have to Do" - Exene Cervenka

Single track listing[edit]

A limited edition remix collection entitled "Housebroken Dance Mixes" was released by Rhino in 1991, available only on 12" vinyl.

  1. "Don't Be Part of It" (Moo Mix)
  2. "Don't Be Part of It" (Dub)
  3. "Fur" (Faux Version)
  4. "Rage" (Vitamitavegemix)
  5. "Rage" (Dub)
  6. "Don't Kill the Animals" (Rescue Remix)