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Tamer Nafar (Arabic: تامر النفار‎‎, Hebrew: תאמר נאפר‎‎; born June 6, 1979), is an Arab-Israeli rap artist.

Tamer was born in the city of Lod, Israel on 1979. He began writing and making rap music in 1998 and in 2000 his brother Suhell and their friend Mahmoud Jrere joined him to start the first Palestinian-Arab or Arab Israeli rap group, DAM. DAM writes and sings in the Arabic language. The members of DAM compose their lyrics and music by themselves. DAM's work and art are influenced by the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the struggle for equal rights for Palestinians or Arab Israelis inside Israel. The group's songs deal with social, political and personal issues.

Relationship with Subliminal[edit]

In 2000, following the collapse of the Camp David 2000 Summit and the beginning of the Second Intifada, the pair's relationship collapsed due to highly divergent political beliefs, with Subliminal being more right-wing and a Nationalist, in contrast with Nafar's sympathy for the Palestinian cause.[1] The bitter end of their music relationship is chronicled in the documentary Channels of Rage.

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