Tamer Yiğit

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Tamer Yiğit
Born 1942
Balıkesir, Turkey
Occupation Actor

Tamer Yiğit (born Tamer Özyiğitoğlu in 1942 in Balıkesir) is a Turkish actor.


Tamer Yiğit studied at the İzmir Ticari İlimler Akademisi. In 1962, he was chosen as the cover star for the "Ses" magazine and began his acting career. He went on to act in over 150 films including Suçlular Aramızda, Çalınan Aşk, Kızgın Toprak and Gönül Dostları.

In 1973, he married Rukiye Bayrak and has three children from her. In 1979, he left acting and started a business.


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