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Tami Gaines is an accomplished author, marketing and business strategist, and motivational speaker and trainer. Her holistic perspective on business and personal growth has not only garnered her national media coverage, but has helped thousands of people come closer to achieving their personal and professional goals. She has at on the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Small Business Development Centers and the Imani College Advocacy Program.

She has won the Women in Business Future Achievers, New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, the Columbia University Service Award from the Columbia Graduate School of Business and was voted "One of 1999's Women to Know" by the Y.W.C.A.[1] She has been widely recognized as an expert and visionary among national media like The Wall Street Journal.[2]

Preemie Parents Foundation[edit]

The New York Times reported on post-traumatic stress disorder suffered by parents of babies born prematurely at NICU. Both Duke University and Stanford University did studies and agreed with this report, that though post-traumatic stress syndrome is usually associated with catastrophic events such as war, parents of prematurely born babies who suffer or who die can suffer PTSS as well. Tami, having endured such a pregnancy, began work on establishing a foundation to provide resources to help these parents. The Preemie Parents Foundation does just that, assisting families that survive the loss of a premature baby.


Preemie Parents: 26 Little Ways to Grow With Your Premature Baby is the book Tami wrote to help those struggle with the issues associated with the delivery of a premature baby. The book has been published by Sellers Publishing and is available in hardback and paperback versions.


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