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Tamil Maanila Congress (M)
PresidentG. K. Vasan
FounderG. K. Moopanar
Founded29 March 1996
Headquarters14, 5th Cross St, Ellaiamman Colony, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600086, India.
Student wingManavarani
Youth wingIlaignar ani
Women's wingMagalirani
Labour wingTrade Union Congress Paeravai
IdeologyIntegral humanism
Social welfare
Green politics
Political positionCentre-left
ECI StatusRegistered State Political Party[1]
Party flag
Political Party Flag Tamil Maanila Congress (M) Tamilnadu India.jpg
www.tamilmaanilacongress.org gkvasan.co.in
Guiding Principle for the Party, Perunthalaivar K Kamarajar, a freedom fighter, Bharat Ratna, then Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.

Tamil Maanila Congress (M) (TMC) is left of centre politics, a political party in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The party was founded on 29 March 1996; it was born out of historical need to defend the principal system of transparent, clean and civilized politics. G.K Moopanar in the year 1996 sensed the need to formulate a political party, which satisfies the regional aspiration and ethos. The founding father G. K. Moopanar along with a major fraction of leaders from Tamil Nadu Congress Committee (state unit of Indian National Congress) joined together and formed a regional political party, the Tamil Maanila Congress (M).[2]

G. K Moopanar was an affable Political Strategist and a Trouble Shooter who never stooped to power rather led a pure and simple life of an ordinary citizen.[3] In the present political culture, there are hardly any leaders who would avoid limelight and refuse positions of power. But there have been an instances, where G. K Moopanar to be crowned for top leadership yet he preferred to identify the leaders for top job and chose to work in strengthening the party.[4]

Party President G. K Vasan.

G.K Moopanar was a hardcore follower and strong confidant of Freedom Fighter, Bharat Ratna, then Chief Minister of Tamilnadu K. Kamarajar. He was not only been a loyal follower but considered Perunthalaivar K. Kamarajar as his family head.

Today, different political parties, irrespective of ideological difference have begun to chase the legacy of Perunthalaivar K. Kamarajar[5] for mere political gain. However, Perunthalaivar K. Kamarajar had identified G. K Moopanar as his political heir[6] and history had proved their compatibility in numerous instances.

G.K Moopanar was the mirror image of Perunthalaivar K. Kamarajar, who wished to integrate both Indian National Congress (O) and Indian National Congress (I) and G. K Moopanar does a merger. Perunthalaivar identified Prime Minister Indra Gandhi for the top job[7] and G. K Moopanar along with other important national leaders identified then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi for the top job.[8][9]



The colour of the flag symbolizes Indian nationalism. Orange represents sacrifice, white represents peace and green represents prosperity.[10] The embossed leaders on the party flag are Indian freedom fighter Bharat Ratna, Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Perunthalaivar K. Kamarajar and founding father G K Moopanar,[11]

Party position[edit]


"To bring back the ‘Golden Rule’ of Freedom Fighter, Bharat Ratna, then Chief Minister, Perunthalaivar K. Kamarajar in the state of Tamilnadu."[12]

The party's mission is to provide:

  • corruption-free public administration;
  • sublime law and order without favouritism or discrimination;
  • liquor-free Tamilnadu; free, quality education for all;
  • free medical facilities for all;
  • conflict-free religious harmony;
  • caste-free Tamil society;
  • distribution of power to minority, Dalits and tribes;
  • protection of women's rights
  • ensured labour rights;
  • social Justice with opportunity to all;
  • economic development inclusive to all;
  • uninterrupted power supply;
  • regulated water management;
  • profitable agriculture;
  • abundant food supply;
  • pollution-free environment;
  • un-plunder natural resources;
  • industrial development combined with increased job opportunities;
  • decentralization of power to Panchayat Raj.



The party strongly believes the need to realm India’s pluralist traditions. The founding father G. K Moopanar, who inked the party guidance have always maintained to preserve the political decency & avoided a culture of violence and divisive politics. He strongly believed in grassroots democracy with people as the stakeholders in all the developmental projects.

The party is very firm in its ideology yet contextualized to accommodate the regional aspirations. A way back in 1998; G K Moopanar firmly stood for gaining classical status for Tamil Language[14] and His efforts ensured to declared a classical status to Tamil language by then Union Government in the year 2004.[15]

Similarly, the party president G. K Vasan believes the Tamil literature 'Thirukkural (Tamil: திருக்குறள்)' authored by Thiruvalluvar on Wisdom, Values and Ethics is certain to be recognized as the 'National Book' and the party shall put forth its constant effort in realizing the dream of millions of Tamil lovers and scholars.[16]

"We shall strive to achieve 'National Book Status' for the Tamil literature, Thirukkural (Tamil: திருக்குறள்)." - G. K. Vasan

Tamil Maanila Congress (M) is existing in a political era of aggressive and conflict oriented politics. G. K Moopanar lived the model of a true politician, who never forgoes ethos of secularism for power. The party and the founder were crowned for taking a principled position in 1999 to reserve its political support to then ruling Union Government; indeed a testing time for its secular ideology. By thought and action, the founding father G. K Moopanar truly proved to be the leader of masses, accommodating all sections of society.[17]

Moopanar was a great statesman committed to secularism and cultural pluralism, who completely devoted himself for the service to humanity. In recognizing His contribution to this great nation, Indian postal department commemorated Him by releasing a stamp in 2010.[18]

Now, The president of the party, Vasan, in a spirit to accomplish His supremacy and legacy of ‘Freedom Fighter, Bharat Ratna, then Chief Minister, Perunthalaivar K. Kamarajar and founding father G. K Moopanar; helm to uplift every citizen to make India Powerful. He is a responsible democrat having unshakable faith in people and democracy. He travels beyond politics in nurturing good relationship across the social standing and resists politics of violence and vengeance.

G. K Vasan, a humane affectionately called ‘ ’ [Respectable Elder] nurtured from the political school known for its democratic political culture. He is a rare brand of politician and poses multifaceted personality with a potent combination of innovation, far-sighted vision and performance attitude. He leads a life style of common man, advocated by Freedom Fighter, Bharat Ratna, then Chief Minister, Perunthalaivar K. Kamarajar’, a real model practitioner leading a life of a farmer and making his surroundings comfortable for a common man to reach him, thus reassures faith in politicians.

Further, in pursuit to accomplish founder commitment to regional aspiration; G. K Vasan in one among his numerous contributions to language Tamil and for the state of Tamilnadu; had extended his supremacy as Union Minister of Shipping in 2014 to honor the legacy of freedom fighters, this great land had witnessed. He commemorated the legendary freedom fighters Perunthalaivar K. Kamarajar and Kappalottiya Tamilan V.O Chidambaram Pillai by re-titling the ‘Ennore Port’ as "Kamarajar Port"[19] in Chennai, Tamilnadu and ‘Tuticorin Port’ as ‘V.O. Chidambaranar Port[20] in Tuticorin, Tamilnadu.

Also, for the welfare of Tamils in the neighbouring Island and living elsewhere, young leader G. K Vasan on several occasions have raised his objections and extended kindness.[21] In spite of His association with then ruling party, the Indian National Congress (in UPA regime) and holding a ministerial rank in the Union Government; He was the FIRST person[22] who opposed the moves, the Union Government had extended to Sri Lankan government that deemed to be against the interests of Island Tamil citizens.[23][24] 

Thus, G. K Vasan has always stood for and will do so for the interest of regional desire.[25]

Administration and governance[edit]

Under the dynamic leadership of young leader G. K Vasan, the party is more concerned about the governance becoming mystified and administrations getting complicated. The party believes democracy is a culture and not the elections. The party shall govern Corruption Free Public Administration and offer Sublime Law and Order without favoritism or discrimination. The young leader G. K Vasan, calls eradicating corruption is another war for independence to serve the people and make our great nation, a prosper.

Lokayukta legislation[edit]

The party president G. K Vasan assures the nation for a Transparent and Clean Administration. The party shall propose the passage of Lokayukta legislation in the state of Tamil Nadu, an establishment of anti-corruption institution to combat corruption in the government administrations.[26]

Live Telecast of Assembly Proceedings[edit]

The party shall take up strong efforts to ‘Live Telecast the Assembly Proceedings’ and practice fair and free conduct of democracy in the floor of assembly house. "Right to Know" is the basic privilege of citizens in this great nation. Therefore, the live telecast is the primary right and it will pave way for educating the citizens to know the process of government, discover the truth and strengthen individual capacity in decision-making process.[12]


Agriculture revival[edit]

G. K. Vasan, a synonym for Farmers have always registered His contribution in greatest extent for the welfare of farmers community. To say, during his role as member of Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Agriculture between 2002-2004,[27] He dynamically backed the measures for National Food Security and building a Vibrant Rural Economy.

Vasan and the Tamil Maanila Congress (M) have always raised to the occasion in providing support and facilitation to ease farmers' agony. In the recent protest by Tamil Nadu farmers in Jantar Mantar, New Delhi (between April–May 2017), which lasted for 41 days of suffering,[28] the humane leader G. K Vasan, himself a farmer took a leadership initiative to facilitate a meeting between agitating farmers and President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee and made possible to submit the voices of millions of suffering farmers.[29]

Tamil Maanila Congress (M) strongly believes that agriculture is the foundation for civilization. Today’s Science and Technology development can be a perfect complement to our world renowned agricultural heritage. The party hugely makes effort to protect the welfare of farm laborers and vouch for special incentives for agro based industries with a thrust for modern policies and technology to trigger innovation in agriculture.

"I strongly believe the potential in AGRICULTURE with a faith born not of words but of deeds. I am a FARMER." - G. K. Vasan

Inter state water disputes[edit]

The bid to resolve the interstate water disputes and prevent the extreme drought and severe flood conditions in the country, the ‘Nationalization – Interlinking of Rivers’ will be the permanent solution. The peninsular water channels 'Krishna, Godavari, Mahanadi and Cauvery rivers are prone to regular drought or flood at one or other end of its channel stretch.

Therefore, the interlinking of peninsular rivers can ensure protection of livelihood and shared water resource management where by agricultural growth and national food security can be sustained.

In mean time, the formation of Cauvery Management Board,[30] as recommended by Cauvery Water Dispute Tribunal is very much crucial for all the participating southern states, especially to the state of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to end an roe, which is lasting since pre-independence.

The water sharing disputes between both states have led to several crisis including economic, law & order and farmers suicide. Therefore, the party strongly emphasis the urgent need to address the water crisis across the country. It is no more a state subject rather a subject of National Integrity.

Due to constant increase in water requirement, the administrative guidelines shall at regular interval will detour; therefore, a new Dynamic Water Management Framework and Livelihood Protection System needs to be charted as a national policy to protect the livelihoods of citizens, conserve water resource and improve inter-state relations.

Women's empowerment[edit]

The party strongly advocates the Women Reservation Bill. Vasan constantly bid for true gender equality. He believes a true change in women political representation is not by a woman from the traditional political base, rather from a village who is honest, sincere, committed and a woman rising from the grassroots to the democratic house, is the candid success. The party, Tamil Maanila Congress shall oblige.

The party's women's wing is striving to realize the goals; it has put forth.

  • Goal 1. Respectable representation of women in social, economic and political systems.
  • Goal 2. Equal pay for equal work on par with men.
  • Goal 3. An end to Modern slavery – all kinds of violence against women and children.

Prohibition of alcohol[edit]

The party strongly asserts prohibition of alcohol is the need of the hour and concerned over the present level of alcohol consumption among all sections of people including women and students. The access to alcohol is a curse on citizens and it has only given more of pains than rewards for the governance. The citizens' prosperity, social and state development is declining due to the high rise of alcoholism and has become a serious threat to Human Development Index.

The president of the party Vasan strongly believes that state sponsored alcohol is not a revenue generator, but rather a social disaster. Hence, in the interest of the state and citizens, the party has considered prohibition of alcohol as its one of its mission statements.

The party strongly believes the footpath of our guiding principle Perunthalaivar K. Kamarajar administration; across India, it was only in the state of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, a statewide Prohibition of Alcohol had been imposed.[31] In action, the party has effectively demonstrated various campaigns, agitations and personal suit to put an end to alcoholism in the state.

In one such effort, the party launched a statewide signature campaign[32] to create an awareness among the citizens and exert pressure on ruling government to abolish Alcoholism. The Party received an overwhelming response of 10,00,00,000[clarification needed] signatures from the citizens. The party submitted the public receipts with a memorandum to then Hon. Governor Rosaiah, urging a statewide prohibition of Alcohol[33] G. K Vasan met Hon. Governor Rosaiah to urge a statewide ban on Alcohol.

The party also opined to administrators to set up a rehabilitation centers for the citizens' welfare and facilitate alternative employment for the existing TASMAC employees without derailing their livelihood.

Welfare of fishermen[edit]

There exists a long time dispute between Tamil Nadu fishermen of India and Sri Lanka along their International Maritime Boundary. The Sri Lankan Navy is alleged to have harassed, arrested and opened fire on Indian fishermen and continuing to practice the offence. Over the period, the dispute of fishermen crossing maritime borders between the neighboring coastal states is on rise and for the sake; the attack on innocent citizens cannot be justified.

The party president, Vasan, keeps fishermen community very close to his heart and mind. Within 72 hours of party revival in 2014, he visited Rameswaram (Ramanathapuram district) to interact with the fishermen community and extend his support to them.

It is the duty of participating neighboring nations to provide safe and secure water for fish farming and protect the interest of both countries’ fishermen. The party president. Vasan strongly condemns the attack on Indian fishermen[34] and declares, "An assault on innocent Indian citizens is an assault on Indian sovereignty".

The fishermen are not the extremists but common citizens, who strive for livelihood in the toughest of the environments and their bravery worth a salute. The repeated incidence of human rights violation, destruction of possessions and preventing fishing is only prone to spoil the diplomatic ties between the nations.[35]

The coastal State is free to take necessary steps in its territorial sea to prevent the passage, which is not innocent. But the Indian fishermen are innocents, who are not prejudicial to peace or security of the coastal state and hence they cannot be taken to toughest punishment including killing.[36][37]

The party strongly feels the amicable solution to prevailing watershed can be a ‘bottoms-up approach’ in a way based on cultural, economic habits and needs of participating people from either nation. There is a historical connectivity among both citizens and one cannot lightly impose a nautical barrier and exert navy force.

In real context, the guiding borders particularly near the Palk Bay where problems occur, has a very thin margin of border distance which often results in innocent passage of Indian fishermen in to the neighboring territorial sea.[38]

Therefore, in the interest of both the nation, it is for both governments to exercise a real and suitable procedure to put an end to very long drawn sufferings from either side. Both the governments need to build an effective forward path mechanism such as:

  • Deliver a coordinated joint-patrolling between both marine forces.
  • Boost diplomatic and fishermen dialogues to improve the flexible way of sharing the resources.
  • Enhance infrastructure and expertise for ‘Multi day and deep sea farming'.
  • Develop fish farming extensively in Indian waters and promote value added fishery processing units.

The party strongly believes an independent Union Ministry of Fisheries is required to address the present day challenges in a diplomatic, economic and technological framework.

India is the 3rd largest producer of fish in the world and contributes more than 5% GDP in Indian Agriculture sector by engaging about 14 million people. It has immense potential to be the lead contender in both world economic trade and domestic opportunity creation.[39]

Intraparty democracy[edit]

The Tamil Maanila Congress (M) is a grassroots pluralistic party which maintains intraparty democracy, a consensual approach to decision making; self-respect and gender equality. The party strongly believes in accommodating all sections of people in mainstream politics and confer not only reservation but due recognition, a respectable relationship across all human spectrum.

"We the People" is the strength of the party and provides equal platform for young leaders to be the champions of the democratic movement and endorses environmentalism, nonviolence, social justice, participatory grassroots democracy, gender equality, anti-racism, a respect for diversity and focus on sustainability.

The party is thriving on young and energetic intellectual youths to deliver a Transparent, Progressive and Clean Administration. The party will place its greatest efforts to build a 'Prosperous Tamilnadu and Powerful India' by establishing ‘the Golden Rule of Freedom Fighter, Bharat Ratna, then Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Perunthalaivar K. Kamarajar'.

The party was born out of a historical need to secure the future of our children and grandchildren. The younger generation has the right platform to participate in political process, in a party that promotes Humanitarian and Intellectual Statute.

The quality of party culture and the soft power of party president G. K. Vasan have more potential to make Him an truly an ‘Influential Leader’ in Indian politics.

The aspects of the party and its principles have greater credentials that are more attractive than just being a coercion political party. Today these quality aspects may not directly persuade the party as the principal positioner in the state, but it goes a long way to enhance its standing as the party of masses and a young leader for sensible change; truly a golden rule dreamt by millions of young citizens.


The party has launched the 'e-kamarajar app' for the benefit of primary school children to bridge the gap in education affordability, provide free accessibility to latest educational contents, learning methods and improve the primary school completion ratio. The application is designed to provide fundamentals in Mathematics, English, Tamil and Brain Gym activities[40], an act to promote digital literacy in primary education.

Election performance[edit]

Year Election No. of Votes Secured No. of Constituency Contested No. of Constituency Won
1996 11th Tamil Nadu Assembly 2,526,474 40 39
1996 11th Lok Sabha 7,339,982 20 20
1998 12th Lok Sabha 5,169,183 20 3
1999 13th Lok Sabha 1,946,899 39 0
2001 12th Tamil Nadu Assembly 1,885,726 32 23
2016 15th Tamil Nadu Assembly 230,711 26 0

The party, Tamil Maanila Congress (M) in its debut election in 1996 to 11th Tamilnadu State Legislative Assembly, contested in 41 constituencies along with its ally political partners. The grand ally recorded a splendid victory by securing 231 of total 234 assembly constituencies and formed the 11th Tamil Nadu State Legislative Government.[41] The party, Tamil Maanila Congress also secured an impressive election performance and emerged as the principal opposition party in the assembly house. The party secured 39 legislative assembly constituencies out of 40 constituencies it contested and secured 2,526,474 votes.[42]

The party chose the bicycle as its election symbol and became one of the very few political parties in the country to register a landmark victory in its debut and claim the status of Recognized State Political Party.

The 11th Tamil Nadu state legislative assembly elections were held simultaneously with the Indian Parliamentary Election to 11th Lok Sabha. Tamil Maanila Congress along with its ally political partners, again performed a landslide victory by winning the complete 39 parliamentary seats available in the state, Tamil Nadu. The party led in front by winning 20 out of 20 contested parliamentary seats by securing 7,339,982 [25.6%] votes.

Within a few days of forming a new political party in 1996, the people of Tamil Nadu gave an overwhelming support to register a splendid victory both in State Assembly Election and Parliamentary Election.

The alley supported the United Front at the centre to form the Union Government and functioned in the cabinet portfolios of Union Minister of Finance, Union Minister of Labor, Union Minister of Urban Development, MoS Youth Affairs and Sports, MoS Aviation and MoS Personnel.

Further, the party didn’t participate in the election to 13th and 14th Tamilnadu state legislative assembly and to 14th, 15th and 16th Lok Sabha General Elections.

In the latest election to 15th Tamilnadu State Assembly, the party participated together in a grand alliance PWF (People Welfare Front)[43] and contested the election. The party was allotted 'Coconut Farm' as its election symbol and fielded 26 high quality candidates.[44]

The Election Manifesto (Pledge) talks in detail about the welfare, policy and political stand. The manifesto can be sourced from the party website.

The party exhibited ‘Sustained Positive Election Performance’ in its entire contest. The below tabular summary illustrates the overall Election Performance of the Party:


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