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Tamimi Group of Companies
مجموعة شركات التميمي
Founded 1949
Founder Ali A. Tamimi
Headquarters Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Website www.tamimiholding.com

The Tamimi Group of Companies, sometimes called the al-Tamimi group, is a Saudi Arabian business house with activities ranging from supermarket chains, hotels, oilfield services & supplies, road construction, power generation to bus transportation and trucking.


In 2006, Mohammad Shabbir Khan, a former manager of the company, was sentenced to 51 months in jail for bribes distributed to US companies to win the $21.8 million subcontract to provide food to US troops in the region, even though the company always denied the facts.[1]

In February 2016, Tamimi Markets opened its 30st and largest store in Dammam.[2]


Founded in 1953 by the late Ali Tamimi, the company is owned and managed by his heirs.

Beginning as a major parts supplier to oil giant Saudi Aramco, the Tamimi Group of Companies has several joint ventures, with companies as diverse as General Electric and Safeway. Its commercial Company represents Halliburton, INCI GS YUASA BATTERY, Antara Battery, Red Wing, Firestone , ENOC and Bajaj Auto. Its international division is active in Kuwait, the UAE, and Iraq providing catering, maintenance and other support services. The construction sector is its pioneer business.

The Tamimi Group is active is the following sectors:

  • Import and distribution: Tamimi Commercial Division - TCD (since 1949)
  • Real estate development (since 1953)
  • Power and industrial activities (since 1976)
  • Food services and facility management (since 1977) and food industry (since 2009)
  • Food retailing: Tamimi Markets (since 1979), partnership with Safeway for distribution, 20 stores in Saudi Arabia
  • Construction (since 1998)


  • Tariq Al-Tamimi, chairman of the group


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