Tamir gol mine

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Tamirgol mine
Tamirgol mine is located in Mongolia
Tamirgol mine
Tamirgol mine
Location Tüvshrüülekh sum
Aimag Arkhangai
Country Mongolia
Coordinates 47°35′20″N 102°15′0″E / 47.58889°N 102.25000°E / 47.58889; 102.25000Coordinates: 47°35′20″N 102°15′0″E / 47.58889°N 102.25000°E / 47.58889; 102.25000
Products Iron ore

The Tamir gol mine (Mongolian: Тамир гол, Tamir River) is an iron mine located in the Tüvshrüülekh sum of Arkhangai aimag in central Mongolia.

The reserves of the mine are estimated at up to 60,000 t of iron, at an ore concentration between 42 and 49%.[1]


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