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Tammara Webber is an American New York Times,[1] USA Today,[2] and Amazon bestseller novelist.

Writing career[edit]

In 2011 Webber self-published the first book of her young adult romance series Between the Lines[3] which has also been republished by Penguin/Razorbill UK Publishing.

Webber's new-adult fiction title Easy was released on eBook and paperback in June 2012 then republished through Penguin/Razorbill UK Publishing[4][5] and Penguin/Berkley US Publishing in September 2012 and October 2012, respectively. As of today, Easy has a total of 24 separate foreign translation contracts.

Webber's new-adult fiction novel titled Breakable, a half alternate point of view and half prequel to her best selling novel Easy, was released in May 2014[6] and made the New York Times and USA Today Best Seller lists.[7]


Contours of the Heart (series)[edit]

  1. Easy (2012)
  2. Breakable (prequel - 2014)
  3. Sweet (2015)
  4. Brave (2017)

Between the Lines (series)[edit]

  1. Between the Lines (2011)
  2. Where You Are (2011)
  3. Good For You (2011)
  4. Here Without You (2013)


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