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Villa Ekudden
Tamminiemi is located in Helsinki (mainland)
Location in Helsinki
Tamminiemi is located in Finland
Tamminiemi (Finland)
Alternative names Urho Kekkonen Museum
General information
Type Museum (since 1987)
Architectural style Jugend
Location Finland Helsinki, Finland
Address Seurasaarentie 15
Coordinates 60°11′23″N 24°52′59″E / 60.18963°N 24.88311°E / 60.18963; 24.88311Coordinates: 60°11′23″N 24°52′59″E / 60.18963°N 24.88311°E / 60.18963; 24.88311
Current tenants Urho Kekkonen Museum
Completed 1904; 114 years ago (1904)
Opened 1987 (as a museum)
Renovated 2009–2012
Owner Government of Finland
Technical details
Floor area 450 square metres (4,800 sq ft)
Design and construction
Architect Sigurd Frosterus
Gustaf Strengell
Urho Kekkonen Museum

Tamminiemi (Villa Ekudden in Swedish) is a villa and museum located in the Meilahti district of Helsinki, Finland. It was one of the three official residences of the President of Finland, from 1940 until 1981. From 1956, until his death, it served as the residence of President Urho Kekkonen. It is now the Urho Kekkonen Museum. It is located in a park by the sea. Tamminiemi's floor area is about 450 square metres (4,800 sq ft).

Designed by architects Sigurd Frosterus and Gustaf Strengell, the jugendstil villa was built in 1904 for the Danish-born businessman Jörgen Nissen. The villa was later owned or rented by a number of individuals, before being acquired by the publisher and artistic patron Amos Anderson in 1924. Anderson donated Tamminiemi to the Finnish State in 1940, to serve as a presidential residence.

The sauna of Tamminiemi

Although Presidents Ryti (1940–1944) and Mannerheim (1944–1946) resided at Tamminiemi while President Paasikivi preferred to use the Presidential Palace as his official residence during his presidency (1946–1956), the villa is particularly associated with President Kekkonen – due in large part to the fact that it was his official residence and home for around thirty years; during his period in office between 1956 and 1981, after which it was his private nursing home until his death in 1986.

In 1987, Tamminiemi was made into the Urho Kekkonen Museum. It is furnished the way it was in Kekkonen's time in the 1970s. In 1989, construction of the new presidential residence called Mäntyniemi started.

Tamminiemi also has a famous sauna in a separate building which Kekkonen built soon after being elected President in 1956. Kekkonen used the sauna to entertain his guests, including many Soviet leaders such as Nikita Khrushchev.[1] Nowadays the sauna can be rented for private parties.


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