Tammy Trull

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Tammy Trull
Born United States
Occupation Actress

Tammy Trull is a Latin-American actress.

Early life and career[edit]

Trull is of Venezuelan and Cuban descent. She made her professional acting debut in the 2002 action-drama film All Night Bodega, playing the role of Venus Castro, a 15-year-old Nuyorican who finds her performance in school suffering due to her hanging out with the wrong crowd. During the film, Venus experiences parent-child conflicts with her adopted stepmother and she runs away from home and takes up a life on the streets.

Trull's other major film appearances include the 2006 movie Harsh Times, and a cameo in the 2005 film Havoc. She has also appeared in a few minor films such as Target, Bristol Boys, and Next Exit. Tammy Trull has appeared in several episodes of television sitcoms, including The Brothers Garcia and Invasion. She is also featured in Subway's "No Custom Orders" commercial.


  1. The Ministers (2009, post-production) as Liz
  2. Otis E. (2008) as Penny
  3. The Life & Times of Tim (2008, TV series, 1 episode)
    1. Hottest Babes on the Planet/Suck It, Philly (voice)
  4. Invasion (2006, TV series, 4 episodes) as Alma Treadwell
    1. The Last Wave Goodbye
    2. Round Up
    3. Run and Gun
    4. Us or Them
  5. Vivo (2006, 1 episode) as Herself
    1. Amigos Invisibles
  6. Harsh Times (2005) as Marta
  7. Havoc (2005) as Young Mother
  8. Next Exit (2005) as Angie
  9. Bristol Boys (2005) as Alexis
  10. Target (2004) as Sunny
  11. The Brothers Garcia (2003, TV series, 1 episode) as Carmen Santos
    1. Two Left Feet
  12. Strong Medicine (2003, TV series, 1 episode) as Lourdes
    1. Temperatures Rising
  13. All Night Bodega (2002) as Venus Castro
  14. Pound Puppies (2012, 2013, TV series, 2 episodes) as Sarah, little girl #1 (voice)

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