Tamolitch Falls

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The Tamolitch Falls was a waterfall on the McKenzie River in Linn County, Oregon. It was located in the Willamette National Forest. In the 1960s, water was diverted for hydroelectric use from the stream above the falls; that section of the stream, as well as the falls, ceased to flow except during periods of heavy runoff or when water was diverted from the dams upstream. When this is not the case, the stream goes underground and now emerges below the falls. At the base of the former falls is the Tamolitch Pool, a small lake that is now at least partially dry most of the time. The area is accessible via Oregon Route 126.


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Coordinates: 44°18′42″N 122°01′34″W / 44.311788°N 122.026172°W / 44.311788; -122.026172