Tamou Reserve

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Réserve totale de faune du Tamou
IUCN category IV (habitat/species management area)
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Tamou Reserve on a map of WAP complex
LocationTillaberi Region, Niger
Nearest citySay, Niger
Coordinates12°35′44″N 2°17′57″E / 12.59556°N 2.29917°E / 12.59556; 2.29917Coordinates: 12°35′44″N 2°17′57″E / 12.59556°N 2.29917°E / 12.59556; 2.29917
Area75,600 hectares
Established1 January 1962
Governing bodyParcs Nationaux & Reserves - Niger

The Tamou Total Reserve is a nature reserve in the southwest of Niger. It is a Total Faunal Reserve IUCN type IV, covering some 75,600 hectares within the Tillaberi Region. The reserve abuts W du Niger, and is primarily dedicated to the protection of African Elephant populations which migrate through the region.[1]


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