Tampa Bay Rays award winners and league leaders

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This is a list of award winners and league leaders for the Tampa Bay Rays professional baseball team.

Award winners[edit]

Cy Young Award[edit]

Main article: Cy Young Award

Rookie of the Year[edit]

Gold Glove Award[edit]

Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award[edit]

See explanatory note at Atlanta Baves award winners and league leaders.
Team (at all positions)
  • (2012)
  • (2013)

Silver Slugger Award[edit]

Main article: Silver Slugger Award
  • Carlos Peña, 1B (2007)
  • Evan Longoria, 3B (2009)
  • Carl Crawford, OF (2010)

Comeback Player of the Year[edit]

Manager of the Year[edit]

See footnote[1]

MLB "This Year in Baseball Awards"[edit]

Note: These awards were renamed the "GIBBY Awards" (Greatness in Baseball Yearly) in 2010 and then the "Esurance MLB Awards" in 2015.

"Esurance MLB Awards" Best Defensive Player[edit]

DHL Hometown Heroes (2006)[edit]

Main article: DHL Hometown Heroes
  • Wade Boggs — voted by MLB fans as the most outstanding player in the history of the franchise, based on on-field performance, leadership quality, and character value.[2]

Baseball America Rookie of the Year[edit]

  • Jeremy Hellickson (2011)

Baseball America All-Rookie Team[edit]

See: Baseball America#Baseball America All-Rookie Team

Topps All-Star Rookie Rosters[edit]

Tony Conigliaro Award[edit]

Main article: Tony Conigliaro Award

Baseball America Manager of the Year[edit]

See: Baseball America#Baseball America Manager of the Year
See footnote[1]
  • Joe Maddon (2011)

USA Today AL Top Manager[edit]

  • Joe Maddon (2011)

Baseball Prospectus AL Manager of the Year[edit]

  • Joe Maddon (2011)

Chuck Tanner Major League Baseball Manager of the Year Award[edit]

See footnote[1]
  • Joe Maddon (2008)

Team award[edit]

Team records (single-game, single-season, career)[edit]

Minor-league system[edit]

Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year Award[edit]

  • Rocco Baldelli (2002)
  • Delmon Young (2005)
  • Jeremy Hellickson (2010)

TOPPS Minor League Player of the Year[edit]

See footnote[5] and Topps#Awards

USA Today Minor League Player of the Year Award[edit]

Joe Bauman Home Run Award[edit]

Other achievements[edit]

National Baseball Hall of Fame[edit]

See: Tampa Bay Rays#Baseball Hall of Famers

Retired numbers[edit]

See: Tampa Bay Rays#Retired numbers

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