Tampoketsa Analamaitso Reserve

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Tampoketsa Analamaitso Reserve
IUCN category IV (habitat/species management area)
Map showing the location of Tampoketsa Analamaitso Reserve
Map showing the location of Tampoketsa Analamaitso Reserve
Location of Tampoketsa Analamaitso Reserve
Location Northern Madagascar
Nearest city Sahalentina
Coordinates 16°16′00″S 48°15′00″E / 16.26667°S 48.25000°E / -16.26667; 48.25000Coordinates: 16°16′00″S 48°15′00″E / 16.26667°S 48.25000°E / -16.26667; 48.25000
Area 17150 ha
Established 1958
Governing body Madagascar National Parks

Tampoketsa Analamaitso Reserve is a wildlife reserve of Madagascar located in the Sofia Region. It covers 17 150 ha in the three districts : Port Bergé, Mandritsara and Mampikony.

This reserve covers humid dense forests of average altitude and dense dry forests in the west.

Three species of lemurs can be found in this reserve Microcebus rufus, Dwarf lemur (Cheirogaleus sp.) and Eulemur fulvus fulvus.[1]

This reserve is of difficult access and the closest village Sahalentina at 41.6km distance cannot be reached in the rain season from November to March.


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