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Tamralipta or Tamralipti (Bengali: তাম্রলিপ্ত) was the name of an ancient city on the Bay of Bengal believed by scholars to be on the site of Tamluk in midnapore district of modern-day India. It is believed that Tamralipti was the exit point of the Mauryan trade route for the south and south-east.[1] Excavations at Moghalmari confirmed the presence of Buddhist vihars in the area which was mentioned by Chinese travelers Fa Hien and Xuanzang.[2] It was located near Rupnarayana river. This place has been mentioned in mahabharata as a place which bhima acquired. It was linked by roads with the major towns of that time, i.e. Rajagriha, Shravasti, Pataliputra, Varanasi, Champa, Kaushambi and Taxila. [3]

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