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Coordinates: 3°59′00″S 73°10′00″W / 3.9833°S 73.1667°W / -3.9833; -73.1667

Tamshiyacu is located in Peru
Location within Peru
Coordinates: 3°58′59.9″S 73°10′0.1″W / 3.983306°S 73.166694°W / -3.983306; -73.166694
Country Peru
106 m (351 ft)
 • Total8,000

Tamshiyacu (in Quichua, Tamshi = rope; Yacu = water) is the name of a town in the Fernando Lores District which is located in Iquitos - northeastern Peru.[citation needed]

Town of Tamshiyacu[edit]

Tamshiyacu City has a population of about 8,000. On the banks of the Amazon River about 30 km upstream from the city of Iquitos (about an hour by speedboat). The population of Tamshiyacu is dedicated to agriculture and fisheries. This also is a land of humari, pineapple, cassava, banana, etc.

In the Peruvian Amazon one can find a variety of medicinal plants and trees. between plants is the sacred plant Ayahuasca is a traditional medicine in the Peruvian jungle, prepared by the shamans of the jungle.

Today many tourists come to Tamshiyacu to participate in ayahuasca ceremonies. Some believe that ayahuasca has healing properties. They also come to the jungle to cure many chronic diseases as these lands host healers and shamans. People also come to enjoy the beauty of the world's largest river and the charm of the Peruvian jungle.