Tamsui Customs Officers' Residence

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Coordinates: 25°10′27.0″N 121°26′10.6″E / 25.174167°N 121.436278°E / 25.174167; 121.436278

Tamsui Customs Officers' Residence
前清淡水關稅務司官邸 (2).JPG
General information
TypeFormer residence
LocationTamsui, New Taipei, Taiwan

The Tamsui Customs Officers' Residence (Chinese: 前清淡水關稅務司官邸; pinyin: Qiánqīng Dànshuǐ Guān Shuìwù Sī Guāndǐ) is a historical residence in Tamsui District, New Taipei, Taiwan.


After Taiwan was forced to oped up itself to the outside world for foreign trade in early 1860s, foreigners soon came into the island.[1] Qing Dynasty government soon established a customs office in Tamsui in 1870 after the opening of Tamsui Port.[2]


The residence is a white-colored building built in a colonial style nicknamed Little White House (Chinese: 小白宮; pinyin: Xiǎo Báigōng). The building features banquet hall, master room etc.[3]


The residence is accessible within walking distance northwest of Tamsui Station of Taipei Metro.

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