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Tamuna Sirbiladze[1] (12 February 1971 – 2 March 2016[2]) was an artist based in Vienna, Austria.


Sirbiladze was born in Tbilisi in Georgia. She studied art at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts (1989–1994) in Georgia and later the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (1997–2003) and Slade School of Fine Art, London, 2003. She was the widow of fellow artist Franz West (1947–2012) and collaborated with West on a number of projects.[3][4]

Sirbiladze's background influenced her approach to painting: "Sirbiladze was exposed to art mostly through books‍—‌her home country had few museums. She knew early on that she wanted to be an artist, however, and cited the colors of the art she came across as the reason she ended up painting."[5] She told Forbes in a 2015 interview, "Searching for light and color is my main engagement".[6]


Sirbiladze made paintings known for their speed, and she sometimes incorporated text into her work.[7] Her characteristic style merged the figurative and the gestural. Her paintings have been described as "highly expressive" with splashes of color "forming abstracted figures and patterns." An Art in America review, a year before her death at age 45,[8] remarks on the "energetic content" of her work, saying "Sirbiladze's line is spare; abundant, creamy negative space supports the gentle diagonal flow of marks" anchored by unexpected forms.[9] Critic Alex Greenberger said, "Sirbiladze's paintings played with the division between figuration and abstraction, often melding the two in ambiguous images. Genitalia and bodies can be glanced in some, while in others, objects like jugs and fruits seem to materialize. Sirbiladze's paintings recall the work of Henri Matisse and the Impressionists in their light, expressive brushwork."[10]

Sirbiladze's work was introduced to a New York audience in 2015 through two solo exhibitions.[8] Sirbiladze had exhibited in Europe including at Jonathan Viner Gallery[11] in London and Secession[12] in Vienna. She wasn't known to New York audiences until she had "two shows of her abstract paintings, at Half Gallery[6] and James Fuentes[13] in 2015. For the former exhibition, "Sirbiladze turned Half Gallery's Upper East Side space into an installation—two walls were covered in a series of purple, dark-blue, and green smears, and paintings were hung on top."[10]


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Selected exhibitions[edit]


  • Bricks and Kicks – Weather, Vienna


  • The Sun Will Rise – Old Gallery, Tbilisi
  • Graduate Group Show – Academy of Fine Art, Tbilisi
  • Auction show – Tea House Gallery, Tbilisi
  • New Paintings – Museum of Modern Art, Tbilisi


  • Juana e Juanita – Galleria Juana de Aizpuru, Madrid
  • Aktuellestundentinnenarbeiten – curated by de:Kasper König, Semperdepot, Vienna
  • Cultural Sidewalk - Gumpendorf2000 – curated by de:Heidulf Gerngross, Vienna


  • Point of View – Künstlerhauspassage, Vienna
  • Plakatentwürfe Collaboration with Franz West – Gallery Gisela Capitain, Cologne


  • Parlez Vous Francais, English Dictionary – Mac, Marseille
  • Apartement Franz West – Deichtorhallen, Hamburg


  • La-Bas – curated by Stephan Schmidt-Wullfen, Nexus kunsthalle Saalfelden, Saalfelden, Germany
  • Franz West and Friends – , curated by Anthony Auerbach, Austrian Cultural Forum, London
  • Moon Light – Collaboration with Franz West, Galerie Meyer Kainer, Vienna


  • Update – Kunstlerhaus, Vienna, curated by de:Hans Peter Wipplinger, Museum of Modern Art, Passau
  • Le Opere I Giorni – Certosa Di San Lorenzo, Padula, Salerno
  • Video Art Expo – curated by Luca Gurci, Bari, Italy


  • Camere/Chambers – Rum, Roma
  • The Red Thread – Educational Alliance Gallery, New York
  • Seconda – Biennale internationale d'arte di Ferrara, Ferrara


  • Der Ficker – Haus Wittgenstein – Elizabeth & Klaus Thoman Gallery, Vienna
  • Esperimento Illuminismo – Albertina Museum, Vienna
  • Der Ficker – Foundation de 11 Lijnen, Oudenburg, Belgium


  • Sequence 1 – Palazzo Grassi – Pinault, Venice
  • Hamsterwheel – Arsenale – Venice[7]
  • Inconcurrence – curated by Franz West, Galerie Collet Park,[18] Paris
  • Der Ficker – Jonathan Viner Gallery,[11] London


  • Tamuna Sirbiladze: Paintings and Elements, Jonathan Viner Gallery,[11] London
  • Grazy – Werkstatt, Graz, Austria
  • Pretty Ugly, Gavin Brown's Enterprise –  New York City, NY


  • About Premises and Promises – Andreas Huber Gallery, Vienna
  • Until The End Of The World – A.M.P., Athens
  • The Read Thread – Dana Charkasi Gallery, Vienna


  • Laszive Lockungen – Galerie CUC Charim Unger Contemporary,[19] Berlin
  • Franz West – Double Squint – Almine Rech Gallery,[20] Brussels
  • Das Dinghafte in der Kunst – Nikola Vujasin Gallery, Vienna


  • Austria Davaj! – Creative Forces of Austria – curated by Kandeler Fritsch, MAK, and Irina Korobina, Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow


  • Naked Ground – Galerie Lisa Ruyter, Vienna
  • Gaiety Is The Most Outstanding Feature of the Soviet Union –  Saatchi Gallery,[21] London


  • 39greatjones – curated by Ugo Rondinone, Galerie Eva Presenhuber,[22] Zürich
  • V-Collection – Galerie Charim,[23] Vienna


  • Tamuna Sirbiladze – Damona – Galerie Charim,[19] Vienna
  • Siehe was dich sieht – 21er Haus, Belvedere, Vienna
  • Rade Petrasevic & Tamuna Sirbiladze – V.ARE, Parkhouse Cineplex, Vienna


  • Artists and Poets[12] – curated by Ugo Rondinone, Vienna Secession
  • Tamuna Sirbiladze – Take It Easy – Half Gallery, New York City, NY[6]
  • Tamuna Sirbiladze: "Good Enough Is Never Good Enough – James Fuentes LLC, New York City, NY[9]
  • No Man's Land – Rubell Family Collection,[24] Miami


  • Two Projects – Tamuna Sirbiladze – Almine Rech Gallery,[20] Brussels
  • Tamuna Sirbiladze – Eve's apple – in memory – curated by de:Benedikt Ledebur, Galerie Charim,[23] Vienna


  • Tamuna Sirbiladze – Traces of Life,[25] 08. 04. - 27. 05., Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Löwenbräu Areal, Zürich
  • AMAZING GIRLS / IT'S COMPLICATED,[26] 17. 05. - 18. 06., Kevin Space, Vienna
  • Gnomons, groupshow with Lawrence Weiner, Walter Robinson, Julie Ryan, Jason Stopa, Carolyn Marks Blackwood, Lazar Lyutakov, Doug Johnston and Karin Fauchard. 08. 07., Non-Objectif Sud (NOS), Tulette, France


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