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Birth name Tamura Ayumi (田村歩美)
Born (1980-08-09) 9 August 1980 (age 36)
Takayama, Gifu, Japan
Genres Pop
Occupation(s) Singer, Songwriter, Musician, arranger
Instruments Vocals, multi-instrumentalist
Years active 2002–present
Labels Vitality Records, Columbia
Website http://www.tamurapan.com/

Tamurapan (たむらぱん) is a Japanese pop songwriter and singer. Her real name is Tamura Ayumi (田村歩美), was born in 1980 in Takayama, Gifu, Japan. The name Tamurapan is a combination of her surname: Tamura (田村) and the French word for rabbit: Lapin.[1]

During the first years of elementary school she lived in Taiwan for some time, while she was still in elementary school she got her amateur radio license. [1]


In 2002 Tamurapan started her music career doing mainly live shows. In 2007 with the advancement of Myspace in Japan, she started publishing her music on the site. Around the same time she got a limited release of the single: Semenaidei-heiyō meiyō (「責めないデイ」-「ヘイヨーメイヨー」) [2]

She is the first Japanese singer-songwriter to make the move from Myspace to a major label company Columbia Music.[3]

Limited Release Singles[edit]

  Release Date Title Japanese
1st October 10, 2007 Semenaidei 責めないデイ
2nd October 10, 2007 heiyō meiyō ヘイヨーメイヨー
3rd November 7, 2007 omaebutadana~okurametegami~ お前ぶただな~送らぬ手紙~
4th November 7, 2007 A Million アミリオン
5th December 5, 2007 Kaitenmokuba 回転木馬
6th December 5, 2007 rai・kua・bādo ライ・クア・バード
7th January 23, 2008 buttobasuzo ぶっ飛ばすぞ
8th February 20, 2008 hebun へぶん
9th March 19, 2008 Hollywood ハリウッド
10th May 13, 2009 ookimishōnennotēmu オオカミ少年ケンのテーマ(Lotte「Fit's」CM Song)


Independent Album[edit]

  Release Date Title Japanese
1st March, 2003 Tamurapan たむらぱん

Mini Albums[edit]

  Release Date Title Japanese
1st December 17, 2003 Alone at Play ひとりあそび
2nd January 12, 2005 Hitonoiruha 人のいろは
3rd April 4, 2007 Harou ハロウ 


  Release Date Title Japanese
1st April 23, 2008 butabesto ブタベスト
2nd June 3, 2009 nouniusoun ノウニウノウン
3rd December 15, 2010 nakunai ナクナイ


  Release Date Title Japanese
1st July 23, 2008 Harēshon ハレーション
2nd November 12, 2008 Zero ゼロ
3rd March 18, 2009 charinco / chodoii tokoni itai ちゃりんこ / ちょうどいいとこにいたい
4th February 2, 2010 bamboo / mountain バンブー / マウンテン
5th July 21, 2010 SOS SOS
6th October 20, 2010 rough ラフ


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External links[edit]

  • [1] - Myspace website (in Japanese)
  • [2] - Official website (in Japanese)
  • [3] - website on Columbia Music (in Japanese)