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Tamzine at iwm london side view.JPG
Tamzine on display at IWM London, August 2012
United Kingdom
Name: Tamzine
Builder: Brockman & Titcombe, Margate
Launched: 1937
Homeport: Birchington-on-Sea
Honours and
Dunkirk 1940
Status: Preserved by Imperial War Museum
Notes: Smallest known 'little ship' of Dunkirk
General characteristics
Type: Open fishing boat
Length: 14ft 7.5ins
Beam: 5ft 1.5ins
Draught: 1ft 6ins
Propulsion: Outboard motor/sail

Tamzine is a historic fishing boat. Built by Brockman & Titcombe, of Margate in Kent, in south-east England, Tamzine is notable for having participated as a ''little ship' during the 1940 evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk in northern France.

At 14.7 feet (4.5 m) in length Tamzine was the smallest vessel to take part in the evacuation. She is clinker-built of Canadian spruce and was constructed in 1937. In 1965 Tamzine participated in a twenty-fifth anniversary commemoration of the evacuation, repeating her Channel crossing. Her presence was recorded by the British newsreel Pathé News.[1]

Tamzine was later acquired and preserved by the Imperial War Museum.[2][3]

Bow view of Tamzine, showing nameplate


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