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Marzban of Persian Armenia
In office
Monarch Khosrau I
Preceded by Gushnasp Bahram
Succeeded by Varazdat
Personal details
Born Unknown
Died Unknown

Tan-Shapur was a Sasanian nobleman who served as Marzban of Persian Armenia from 552/554 to 560.


Little is known about Tan-Shapur. René Grousset said he governed Persian Armenia from 554 to 560.[1] Cyril Toumanoff, however, says that Tan-Shapur's governorship of Persian Armenia lasted from 552 to 560.[2] Stepanos Asoghik, an Armenian historian who lived in the 11th century, said that Tan-Shapur went proselytizing Zoroastrianism in Persian Armenia, where many Christians preferred to die instead of converting. However, it was during his governorship that the Armenian Apostolic Church organized the Second Council of Dvin. In 560, Tan-Shapur was replaced by Varazdat as Marzban of Persian Armenia.


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