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Tan (譚/谭)
Tan name.png
PronunciationTan (Hokkien Chinese)
Dam (Korean)
Tam (Cantonese Chinese and Hakka Chinese)
Tham (Hokkien Chinese and Teochew Chinese)
Ham, Hom, Hum, Tom, Thom (Toisanese Chinese)
Đàm (Vietnamese)
Region of originChina
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

Tan, the pinyin romanization of , is the 67th most common surname in China.[1] The surname Chen ((陈/陳)) based on the various Min dialects is also Romanized as "Tan".


Two origins have been suggested for the Tan surname:[2]

A study by geneticist Yuan Yida has found that people with either of the two Tan surnames are especially concentrated in Hunan Province which would tend to support these accounts. This does not mean that they are the most common surnames in that province.[1]

Romanisation and pronunciation[edit]

Tan is the Chinese character's Hanyu Pinyin romanisation in Mandarin Chinese. It is pronounced and romanised differently in different languages and dialects.[3]

Prominent people[edit]





Clan villages[edit]

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