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Tan Jing
Chinese name (traditional)
Chinese name (simplified)
PinyinTán Jīng (Mandarin)
Born (1977-09-11) September 11, 1977 (age 41)
Houma, Shanxi, China
Other namesAvatar sister with pointy ears
(Chinese: 尖耳朵的阿凡达妹妹)
Alma mater
Years active1996 – present
NationalityChinese (Mainland)
Genre(s)Mandapop, bel canto, Guoyue
Associated actsCPC Central Military Commission Political Department Song and Dance Troupe
Deng Zhonghan (m. 2009)
ParentsTan Xinming (father)
Zhou Liping (mother)
AncestryXinjiang, Shanxi, China
Gold award of the Professional Pop category of the 9th National Young Vocalist Competition

Tan Jing (simplified Chinese: 谭晶; traditional Chinese: 譚晶; pinyin: Tán Jīng) (born September 11, 1977)[1] is a solo singer in the CPC Central Military Commission Political Department Song and Dance Troupe and a first class national actress. Her music blends bel canto, Chinese national music (Guoyue), and popular singing styles. She has been dubbed "The Voice of Harmony" for her efforts to spread Chinese music, culture, and goodwill through her professional and philanthropic contributions.[2]

She has earned a Master's of Popular Music Studies, is an elected member of the 10th National People's Congress, currently serves as the Deputy Director of China's Pop Music Association and has been voted one of China's Top Ten Outstanding Youths.[2]

Tan has also starred in the original national operas Ode to Mulan and The White Haired Girl, musicals Crazy Snow, Jasmine, and In That Distant Place, and other plays. Tan was a torchbearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and her song, Sky, was used to accompany the releasing of the doves during the Opening Ceremony[3]. She took part in Chinese reality competition, in 2016, she appeared in the series finale on Jiangsu Television's Mask Singer. In January 2017, she jparticipated in Hunan Television's Singer 2017, as one of the 1st round competitors, until her sudden withdrawal on February 25, 2017.

Life and music career[edit]

Early years[edit]

Tan was raised in a musical family in Houma, Shanxi Province, China. When she was eight years old she began to study piano and gave her first onstage performance at age 9. She started singing lessons with her mother at age 11. After graduating from the Vocal Music Department of the Chinese Conservatory of Music in 1998, she was admitted to the Song and Dance Ensemble of the People's Liberation Army.[2]

Rise to prominence[edit]

In 1996, Tan won first prize in the National New Singer Competition and took home the "Voice of Asia" International Grand Singer Award in 1997.[4] She began performing as a solo singer in the Song and Dance Ensemble in 1998 and gained further recognition for winning second place at the Voice of Asia Music Competition in Kazakhstan where she represented China the same year.[4] In 2000, she won the Professional Pop category of the BuBuGao National Young Vocalist Competition sponsored by CCTV and was honored as the Most Popular Singer.[4] This year also marked her first appearance on the annual Spring Festival Gala.

Professional breakthrough and international success[edit]

Tan held a successful solo concert of army songs at the Beijing Workers' Stadium in 2004. Her international breakthrough came in 2006, when she performed a solo concert at the Golden Hall in Vienna, Austria.[5] In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Tan held a solo concert on the Great Wall of China, becoming the first performer to do so.[6] In 2011, she collaborated with Robert Wells, Glenn Hughes, Wynne Evans, and Blake to bring a set of her most famous songs in a blend of Chinese and Western styles to a sold out audience at the Royal Albert Hall in London.[1]

International spokesperson[edit]

Tan often contributes to cultural activities and sporting events around the world. She performed during the closing ceremonies of the 15th Asian Games in Doha 2006.[7] and the 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Shanghai. As a spokesperson for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing she took part in the Olympic activities from beginning to end as a singer, torchbearer, and volunteer. Her song, Sky, was played during the releasing of the doves during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games and she gave live performances during the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games and the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games that summer. She also released a special Olympic album, from which Sky, Fly With You, and Let Me Have You became popular.[8]

In 2010, Tan Jing served as a volunteer spokesperson for the Shanghai World Expo, where she recorded the Expo's theme song, The World, performed during the opening ceremony, and held a large-scale public concert for the Expo volunteers.[9] She held another concert as spokesperson for the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China.[7] In 2011 she was appointed spokesperson for the World Horticulture Exposition in Xi'an, China. In 2012, she will serve as the spokesperson for UEFA, promoting the UEFA Champions League in China.[10]

Singer 2017[edit]

In January 2017, Tan joined the Hunan Television's singing competition Singer 2017, as one of eight first round competitors. On February 25, 2017, two days after the taping of week seven (Qualifying Round 3), she announced on Weibo that she will be withdrawing from the competition.

Singer2017 The ranking of Tan Jing
Episode Round Broadcast Date Song Title Original Singer Song Introduction Ranking Percentages of Votes Remarks
1 Qualifying Round 1 January 21, 2017 "Goodbye Youth" (Mandarin) Wang Feng Lyrics/Composer: Wang Feng
Arranger: Rama Liu
5 10.45%
2 Knockout Round 1 January 28, 2017 "Jiu Er" (Mandarin) Han Hong Lyrics: Roc Chen, He Qiling
Composer: Roc Chen
Arranger: Yian Tianwu
2 23.88% 3rd place in Singer voting No.3
3rd place in Overall ranking
3 Challenge Round 1 February 4, 2017 "Desirous Water" (Mandarin) Chyi Yu Lyrics/Composer: Johnny Chen
Arranger: Rama Liu
1 24.54% 1st place in Singer voting
4 Knockout Round 2 February 11, 2017 "Set The Storm" (Mandarin) Jacky Cheung Lyrics: Chris Shum
Composer: Leon Ko
Arranger: Kubert Leung
6 12.49% 1st place in Overall ranking
5 Challenge Round 2 February 18, 2017 "Saili Lake Moonlight" (Mandarin) Tan Jing Lyrics: Tan Jing, Lin Du, Rama Liu
Composer/Arranger: Rama Liu
1 21.21% 1st place in Singer voting N
Included "阿瓦爾古麗" on prelude
6 Knockout Round 3 February 25, 2017 "Complaining The Sky Changed The Heart" (Mandarin) Sophia Fang Lyrics: Howard Ho
Composer: Hsu Chia-Liang
Arranger: Yian Tianwu
2 18.53% 1st place in Singer voting
1st place in Overall ranking
7 Qualifying Round 3 March 4, 2017 "Dania" (Mandarin) Pu Shu Lyrics/Composer: Pu Shu
Arranger: Rama Liu
4 Unknown


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