Tan Yu Sai

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Tan Yu Sai
Minister of Trade
Member of the Union Revolutionary Council
In office
2 March 1962 – 6 October 1970
Personal details
Spouse(s)Hla Hla
Military service
Branch/serviceBurmese Army

Tan Yu Sai (Burmese: တန်ယုဆိုင်; Chinese: 陳裕才[1]; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tân Lū-châi; also spelt Tan Yu Saing) was a Burmese government official prominent during the Burmese Socialist Programme Party era. He served as one of the founding members of the Union Revolutionary Council[2] from 2 March 1962 to 6 October 1970, and also a Minister for Trade. Tan Yu Sai was a Sino-Burmese.[2] He was a brother-in-law of Ne Win's protege, Brigadier Tin Pe, who was married to Tan's sister, Thein Saing.[3] Tan was married to Hla Hla.[4]


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