Tana Glacier

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Tana Glacier
Western Tributary Tana Glacier (2) (20991435353).jpg
Western Tributary of Tana Glacier
Map showing the location of Tana Glacier
Map showing the location of Tana Glacier
Tana Glacier
TypeValley glacier
Coordinates60°43′53″N 142°43′51″W / 60.73139°N 142.73083°W / 60.73139; -142.73083Coordinates: 60°43′53″N 142°43′51″W / 60.73139°N 142.73083°W / 60.73139; -142.73083
Length17 mi (27 km)
Terminusoutwash plains

Tana Glacier is a 17 mi (27 km) long glacier in the U.S. state of Alaska.[1] It begins at Bagley Icefield and flows northwest to its 1950 terminus near the head of the Tana River. Its name, of Alaska Native origin, was first recorded by prospectors in 1900. The warmest month is August, at -2 ° C, and the coldest month is January, at -20 ° C.[2][3][4]

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