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Tanabe may refer to:


  • Chie Tanabe (田邊 智恵, born 1971), Japanese stuntwoman
  • Chikara Tanabe (田南部 力, born 1975), Japanese Olympic wrestler
  • Daichi Tanabe (田辺 大智, born 2001), Japanese footballer
  • Daisuke Tanabe, Japanese electronic musician and music producer
  • David Tanabe (born 1980), American professional ice hockey player
  • Gou Tanabe (田邊 剛, born 1975), Japanese manga artist
  • Hajime Tanabe (田辺 元, 1885–1962), Japanese philosopher of the Kyoto School
  • Harumichi Tanabe (田辺 治通, 1879–1950), bureaucrat and cabinet minister in early Shōwa period Japan
  • Hi69, Tanabe Hiroki (田辺 裕喜, born 1981), Japanese professional wrestler
  • Hisao Tanabe (田辺 尚雄, 1883–1984), Japanese musicologist
  • Jūji Tanabe (田部 重治, 1884–1972), Japanese literature scholar, teacher, and mountain climber
  • Karin Tanabe, American historical fiction novelist
  • Kazuhiko Tanabe (田辺 和彦, born 1981), Japanese footballer
  • Keisuke Tanabe (田辺 圭佑, born 1992), Japanese footballer
  • Kensuke Tanabe (田邊 賢輔, born 1963), Japanese video game designer, producer and director
  • Kiyoshi Tanabe (田辺 清, born 1940), Japanese Olympic boxer
  • Kiyoshi Tanabe (tennis), Japanese professional tennis player
  • Luke Tanabe, Canadian fashion designer
  • Makoto Tanabe (田邊 誠, 1922–2015), Japanese politician
  • Masatake Tanabe (田部 正壮, 1849–1939), Mayor of Hiroshima in 1917–1921
  • Masato Tanabe, American scientist
  • Mataemon Tanabe (田辺 又右衛門, 1869–1946), Japanese martial artist
  • Miku Tanabe (田名部 生来, born 1992), Japanese idol
  • Moritake Tanabe (田辺 盛武, 1889–1949), Japanese general during World War II
  • Nobuhiro Tanabe (田辺 信宏, born 1961), Japanese politician
  • Norikazu Tanabe (田部 仁一, born 1970), Japanese fencer
  • Norio Tanabe (田辺 徳雄, born 1966), Japanese baseball player, coach, and manager
  • Rui Tanabe (田辺 留依, born 1997), Japanese voice actress.
  • Ryota Tanabe (田鍋 陵太, born 1993), Japanese football player
  • Tanabe no Sakimaro (田辺 福麻呂), Japanese waka poet of the Nara period
  • Tanabe Sakuro (田辺 朔郎, 1861–1944), Japanese civil engineer
  • Seiichi Tanabe (田辺 誠一, born 1969), Japanese actor
  • Seiko Tanabe (田辺 聖子, 1928–2019), Japanese author
  • Shuto Tanabe (田邉 秀斗, born 2002), Japanese footballer
  • Sonny Tanabe (born 1932), American Olympic competition swimmer
  • Sotan Tanabe (田邉 草民, born 1990), Japanese footballer
  • Takao Tanabe CM OBC RCA (born 1926), Canadian artist
  • Tanabe Tomoji (1895–2009), Japanese supercentenarian
  • Toma Tanabe (田辺 斗麗, born 2002), Japanese kickboxer
  • Yasunori Tanabe (田辺 保典, born 1967), Japanese rower
  • Yellow Tanabe (田辺 イエロウ), Japanese manga artist
  • Yoko Tanabe (田辺 陽子, born 1966), Japanese judoka
  • Yuki Tanabe (田邉 夕貴, born 1989), Japanese handball player


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