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Tanah Merah
Logan CityQueensland
View south from hill in Tanah Merah, Queensland.jpg
Powerline easement and Tansey Drive, 2016
Population4,752 (2016 census)[1]
Location29 km (18 mi) from Brisbane GPO
LGA(s)Logan City
State electorate(s)Waterford
Federal Division(s)Forde
Suburbs around Tanah Merah:
Slacks Creek Shailer Park Cornubia
Meadowbrook Tanah Merah Cornubia
Loganlea Bethania Loganholme

Tanah Merah is a suburb of Logan City, Queensland, Australia. At the 2016 census the suburb recorded a population of 4,752.[1]


Tansey Park, 2016

Red soil is found across the local area. The Pacific Motorway borders the suburb and the Logan Motorway divides it.

In the north west Slacks Creek joins the Logan River. It was this area which was the first to be settled by Europeans. On north east border is the Logan Hyperdome. Part of the western boundary follows lower Slacks Creek. The Pintu Drive off-ramp is the designated exit from the M1 for Tanah Merah and nearby is the Bryants Road overpass. The south eastern pocket of the suburb is positioned close to Loganholme State School. The central parts are dominated by a ridge which remains partially vegetated. This area provides habitat for wallabies and koalas. Tansey Park on the river has a boat ramp, playground,[2] and two sports ovals. A small caravan park is located on the Pacific Highway opposite the Hyperdome.[3]


Originally this land was bought and named by the McBride's, an English family who moved to Brisbane from Penang, Malaysia. The land was the first settlement for the McBride family in Australia and subsequently named it Tanah Merah, translating to 'red soils' in Malay. The family were an airforce family who left Malaysia following World War II.

The land was once owned by the Murray family who sold it off in sections to developers. The Murray farm still exists in Tanah Merah and is located at the end of Murrays Road.

At the 2016 census the suburb recorded a population of 4,752.[1]


In the 2011 census, Tanah Merah recorded a population of 4,608 people, 50.7% female and 49.3% male.[4] The median age of the Tanah Merah population was 33 years, 4 years below the national median of 37. 69.1% of people living in Tanah Merah were born in Australia. The other top responses for country of birth were New Zealand 8.2%, England 4.7%, South Africa 1.2%, Scotland 0.7%, Germany 0.5%. 87.2% of people spoke only English at home; the next most common languages were 1.2% Arabic, 0.7% Mandarin, 0.7% Spanish, 0.5% Hungarian, 0.4% German.[4]

Murray's Road[edit]

Murray's Road, 2016

Murray's Road is a heritage road located in the suburb.[citation needed] Named after the Murray family who first settled in the area in the 1870s, the road (in part) is bordered by Slacks Creek and natural reserve. The original Murray farm is still located at the end of the road. It was farmed for 4 generations as a Dairy Farm (originally supplying milk to the Kingston Butter Factory. Robert (Jim) Murray was the last to operate the dairy which is now not in use.

Murray's Road also provided access to timber carriage. Logs were brought in by bullock cart from the surrounding area and transported to sawmills up the Logan River. This was done by a rafting system (steamers) which would travel up Slacks Creek. Earth cuttings can still be seen in the hill to the side of the road where logs were rolled down for removal. Rafting Court is a small a street off Murray's Road which is named to remember the important role the timber distribution point had in supplying timber to the developing area.

Murray's Road also holds the largest single population of Austromyrtus gonoclada trees.[5] Less than 300 specimens are known to exist and many are located along the road itself as well on adjoining property (map reference) -27.661408,153.162332.[6]


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