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Tanahmerah Bay, or Tanah Merah Bay, (Indonesian: Teluk Tanahmerah, means : Red Soil Bay) is a bay on the north coast of New Guinea, in the Indonesian province of Papua, about 50 km northwest of the provincial capital of Jayapura (formerly Hollandia).

During World War II, the Hollandia area was a Japanese army and air force base. On 22 April 1944, two regiments of the U.S. 24th Infantry Division landed in Tanamerah Bay, as part of the Operation Reckless. Subsequently, the area became an Allied base, supporting further actions in the Southwest Pacific, and the invasion of the Philippines.[1]

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Coordinates: 2°25′S 140°20′E / 2.417°S 140.333°E / -2.417; 140.333