Tancarville Bridge

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Tancarville Bridge
Vallée de Seine (Tancarville).JPG
Coordinates 49°28′20″N 0°27′53″E / 49.4722°N 0.4647°E / 49.4722; 0.4647Coordinates: 49°28′20″N 0°27′53″E / 49.4722°N 0.4647°E / 49.4722; 0.4647
CrossesSeine River
LocaleTancarville and Marais-Vernier, France
Official namePont de Tancarville
DesignSuspension bridge
Total length1,420 metres (4,660 ft)
Width12.5 metres (41 ft)
Longest span608 metres (1,995 ft)
Clearance below50.85 metres (166.8 ft)

The Tancarville Bridge (Pont de Tancarville in French) is a suspension bridge that crosses the Seine River and connects Tancarville (Seine-Maritime) and Marais-Vernier (Eure), near Le Havre.

The bridge was completed in 1959 at a cost of 9 billion francs. In the 1990s it was realized that the cables had corroded and the shoulders were crumbling. Between 1996 and 1999, both the cables and shoulders were replaced.

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Coordinates: 49°28′20″N 0°27′53″E / 49.47222°N 0.46472°E / 49.47222; 0.46472