Tancarville Bridge

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Tancarville Bridge
Vallée de Seine (Tancarville).JPG
Coordinates 49°28′20″N 0°27′53″E / 49.4722°N 0.4647°E / 49.4722; 0.4647Coordinates: 49°28′20″N 0°27′53″E / 49.4722°N 0.4647°E / 49.4722; 0.4647
Crosses Seine River
Locale Tancarville and Marais-Vernier, France
Official name Pont de Tancarville
Design Suspension bridge
Total length 1,420 m
Width 12.50 m
Longest span 608 m
Clearance below 50.85 m
Opened 1959

The Tancarville Bridge (Pont de Tancarville in French) is a suspension bridge that crosses the Seine River and connects Tancarville (Seine-Maritime) and Marais-Vernier (Eure), near Le Havre.

The bridge was completed in 1959 at a cost of 9 billion francs. In the 1990s it was realized that the cables had corroded and the shoulders were crumbling. In 1996-99 both the cables and shoulders were successfully replaced.

Bridge dimensions[edit]

  • Pylon height: 123 m
  • Total length: 1 420 m
  • Deck width: 12.50 m
  • Height above valley floor or water: 50.85 m
  • Length of main bridge: 960 m
  • Length of center span: 608 m
  • Length of side spans: 176 m

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Coordinates: 49°28′20″N 0°27′53″E / 49.47222°N 0.46472°E / 49.47222; 0.46472