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This article is about the name. For other uses, see Tancred (disambiguation).

Tancred or Tankred is a masculine given name of Germanic origin that comes from thank- (thought) and -rath (counsel), meaning "well-thought advice". It was used in the High Middle Ages mainly by the Normans (see French Tancrède) and especially associated with the Hauteville family in Italy.[1] It is rare today as a first name, but still common as a Norman surname: Tanqueray. Its Italian form is Tancredi and in Latin it is Tancredus. Its Italian patronymic is also Tancredi. Famous historical persons with the name include:

Fictional characters
  • Tancred of Salerno, character in Boccaccio's Decameron
  • Tancred, a character in the Italian epic poem La Gerusalemme liberata, 1581, by Torquato Tasso. He is beloved by Clorinda and Erminia, and often shown in art with one of them
  • Tancred Torsson, a character in Jenny Nimmo's "Children of the Red King" series
  • Tancred, a character in the computer game Diablo 2
  • Tancred, a character in Summoner, known as the "King of Fleas"

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