Tancredo Neves Bridge

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Fraternity Bridge
Puente Internacional Tancredo Neves.JPG
Coordinates25°35′20″S 54°33′42″W / 25.588933°S 54.561570°W / -25.588933; -54.561570Coordinates: 25°35′20″S 54°33′42″W / 25.588933°S 54.561570°W / -25.588933; -54.561570
Carriesvehicular traffic
CrossesIguassu River
LocaleFoz do Iguaçu to Puerto Iguazú
Official nameTancredo Neves Bridge
Designhollow box, haunched Cantilever bridge
Total length489 metres (1,604 ft)
Width16.5 metres (54 ft)
Height70 metres (230 ft)
Longest span220 metres (720 ft)[1]
Clearance below65.38 metres (214.5 ft)
Construction start1982-01-13

The Tancredo Neves Bridge, better known as Fraternity Bridge (Portuguese: Ponte da Fraternidade, Spanish: Puente de la Fraternidad) connects the Brazilian city of Foz do Iguaçu with the Argentine Puerto Iguazú, crossing over the Iguassu River.

The idea of building the bridge had begun after the construction of the Friendship Bridge 1965, between Brazil and Paraguay. The Fraternity Bridge's construction started on January 13, 1982, and was officially inaugurated on November 29, 1985, and named after Brazilian politician Tancredo Neves.

The bridge is 489 metres (1,604 ft) long, 16.5 metres (54 ft) wide and 70 metres (230 ft) high at its highest point.

It is of much less economic importance to the region than the Friendship Bridge and does not have the traffic and social problems that the latter one has.