Tando Muhammad Khan District

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Tando Muhammad Khan District

ضلعو ٽنڊو محمد خان
District Tando Muhammad Khan in Sindh provincial region of Pakistan
District Tando Muhammad Khan in Sindh provincial region of Pakistan
HeadquartersTando Muhammad Khan
 • Total1,733.99 km2 (669.50 sq mi)
 • Total677,228
 • Density390/km2 (1,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
Number of Tehsils3

Tando Muhammad Khan District (Sindhi: ضلعو ٽنڊو محمد خان‎, Urdu: ضلع ٹنڈو محمد خان‎) is a district in the southern part of Sindh province in Pakistan. In north of the district, Hyderabad and Tando Allahyar districts are located; Badin district lies on south and east; and West boundary is shared with Sujawal District. The Indus River flows through Northwest. Tando Muhammad Khan district comprises the three talukas of Tando Muhammad Khan (also the biggest town in the district), Bulri Shah Karim and Tando Ghulam Hyder.

The population of the district according to the 2017 Census was 677,200.[1] In 1998, the first languages of Tando Muhammad Khan, then a taluka within Hyderabad District, were Sindhi (91%), Urdu (2.8%) and Punjabi (2.3%).[2]


The climate of the area is moderate. However. April, May and June are very hot during the day time. December and January are the coldest months with maximum and minimum temperatures of 30 °C and 10 °C respectively. Rainfall is highly erratic with an average of about 130 mm. The monsoon dominates from July to September.


70% of the district population is engaged in agriculture. Main crops grown in the district are: sugarcane, rice, wheat and cotton. Phuleli, Pinyari and Akram canal are the main source of water-reservoir for irrigation in this district.

According to the 2017 census of Pakistan, the population of Tando Muhammad Khan District of Sindh was 677228: 350010 male, 327202 female, and 16 transgender. Average annual growth rate was 2.31% from 1998 to 2017.


The district is named after the city of Tando Muhammad Khan, founded by Mir Muhammad Khan Shahwani Talpur. It is located at a distance of 35 km from Hyderabad on the Badin-Hyderabad National Highway.


Tando Muhammad Khan is administratively subdivided into 3 talukas, these are:[3]

Mr. Tauqeer Muhammad Naeem, PSP is holding the working as the Senior Superintendent of Police of the District w.e.from 21-06-2018.


District Tando Muhammad Khan is ranked at the 115th position in the education score index of the Pakistan District Education Rankings 2017 published by Alif Ailaan. The education score comprises the learning score, retention score and gender parity score. Retention is one of the biggest concerns in this district, with the relevant score being only 31.14 out of a potential 100.[4]

In the middle school infrastructure score index, which focuses on availability of basic facilities and the building condition of schools, Tando Muhammad Khan ranks 86th. The lack of electricity and drinking water in schools remain a concern in the district, along with unsatisfactory building conditions.[5]

On the TaleemDo! App, residents of several areas within Tando Muhammad Khan have complained about the quality of the syllabus and outdated textbooks.[6] In government schools, where textbooks are supposed to be provided to every child free of cost, parents have complained of being charged for these items. The debate over the medium of instruction is as relevant in Tando Muhammad Khan as other districts of Sindh, where many demand for basic education to be provided in Sindhi, rather than in Urdu or English.[7]


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Coordinates: 25°01′N 68°29′E / 25.017°N 68.483°E / 25.017; 68.483