Taneli Jarva

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Taneli Jarva
Born 4 January 1975 (1975-01-04) (age 42)
Oulu, Finland
Genres Gothic metal, Death metal, Thrash metal, Black metal, Heavy metal
Occupation(s) Singer, tattoo artist
Instruments Vocals, bass
Labels Century Media
Associated acts Sentenced
The Black League
Impaled Nazarene
Then Came Bronson

Taneli Jarva is a Finnish musician/tattoo artist born in Oulu, Northern Finland. He is a professional tattoo artist at Tatuata [1] in Helsinki. Jarva is best known as the vocalist/bassist in metal heavyweight Sentenced. He left the group in 1995, because he did not like the melodic direction of the band, and decided to move on to other projects. Ten years later, on Sentenced's last live gig in 2005 in Oulu, Jarva joined his former band mates once more to perform five songs from his time with the band.

In 1998, Jarva formed The Black League, which he considers his "brainchild and life's work". The Black League published five studio albums. The band was active until October 2014, when Jarva decided to call it quits due to "loss of personal inspiration".[2] He has not totally left the music scene. Currently, he plays bass in Then Came Bronson,[3] a Helsinki-based rock group. Formerly, he was also the bassist for Impaled Nazarene (1992–1996) and vocalist in the old school death metal band Chaosbreed (2003–2005).

Music Style[edit]

His way of singing has gone through extreme changes over the years. In the beginning of his career with Sentenced, he used high-pitched growling vocals serving the purpose of their Death Metal music, on the albums North from Here and the EP The Trooper (Iron Maiden Cover). On Amok, his vocals were a mixture of gruff and melodic singing. With his new band, he has adopted many Rock'n'Roll elements.


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