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PL Tanew 2.jpg
Country Poland
Physical characteristics
Length 113 km (70 mi)

Tanew is a river in south-east Poland, a tributary of San. It starts in Roztocze hills. Tanew has a length of about 113 km and its catchment area is 2339 km². Its tributaries are: Potok Łosiniecki (R), Jeleń (R), Sopot (R), Szum (R), Łada (R), Wirowa (L), Lubienia (L), Złota Nitka (L), Łazowna (L), and Borowina (L).

Coordinates: 50°29′34″N 22°15′28″E / 50.49278°N 22.25778°E / 50.49278; 22.25778