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Tang King Po School
Tang King Po School Kowloon 2010.JPG
16, Tin Kwong Road, Kowloon
Type Aided
Motto To promote your desire to set goal as a benevolent person to others.
Established 23 July 1953
School district Kowloon City
President Rev. Bro.Joseph Cheung
Principal Lee Kam Hung
Faculty About 82 staffs
Grades Form 1 – Form 6
Gender Male only
Number of students About 1360 students
Language Chinese & English
Campus size around 1,7000 sq m
Affiliation Society of St. Francis de Sales, Salesians of Don Bosco and Catholicism
Information (852) 2712 5171

Not to be confused with the Hong Kong Tang King Po College (香港鄧鏡波書院 in Hong Kong Island) Tang King Po School (Chinese: 鄧鏡波學校) is a secondary school in Kowloon City of Hong Kong, located in Ma Tau Wai district, the school was founded by the Salesians in 1953 with a donation from businessman Tang King Po in 1952. The school was officially opened at 23 July 1953 by the then-Hong Kong Governor Alexander Grantham.

Early days in 1953[edit]

When the school started, it had three classes for the occupation, including 'clothes industry', 'printing Industry' and 'shoes industry'.

Class Structure[edit]

Tang King Po School run 31 classes in 2014-2015 academic year. Details are shown below:

Secondary Year Secondary 1 Secondary 2 Secondary 3 Secondary 4 Secondary 5 Secondary 6
Number of Classes 5 5 5 5 5 6

Student Performance[edit]

Overall, students in this school have excellent performance. All Form 3 students pass the Junior Secondary Education Assessment and the allocation rate to Form 4 is 100%. Percentage of Form 5 students with a passing grade in Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination is 75%. And the percentage of Form 7 students with a passing grade in Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination is around 70 to 80%. More than 70% of Form 7 graduates obtain a tertiary degree.

In 2005-2006, Form 3 students performed exceptionally well in Territory-wide System Assessment, their English level was way above than the average in Hong Kong, their Chinese level was 2% higher than the average in Hong Kong, and their Math compliance rate was 98%.

99.9% of students in the school year participate in five different types of activities or competitions, including religious, sports, music, academic and interests. Students receives awards in school activities, including academic swimming, basketball, athletics, table tennis, badminton, Music Festival, Speech competition, English Poetry Writing Competition, visual art exhibitions, student physical fitness award program and so on.


Current school principal has a master's degree of Education.

Number of Teachers: 75
Ratio of Teacher and Students: Approx. 1 to 18 students

Qualification of Teacher:

  • 100% had received formal teacher training
  • 93% with bachelor's degree
  • 32% with master's degree or above
  • 87% English teachers were majoring in English; All English teachers have met the requirement of Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers
  • 60% English teachers with master's degree

Teaching Experience:

  • 15 years (23%)
  • 11–15 years (33%)
  • 6–10 years (24%)
  • 1–5 years (20%)

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This school specializes in maths, biology, physics, and chemistry.

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