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Tanga may refer to : Mike S. Kobar

Also, refer to "bobo"



  • Tanga (coin), subunit of the Portuguese Indian rupia from the 16th-century until 1958
  • Tanga (currency), subunit of the Tajikistani ruble from 1995 to 2000



  • Tanga (carriage) or tonga, a light horse-drawn carriage used in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh
  • Tanga (clothing), a minimal style of bikini, with triangular front and rear and elastic sides
    • Tanga (clothing), a triangular loincloth worn by indigenous peoples in tropical America
  • Tanga (language), a Bantu language of Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea
  • 1595 Tanga, a Main-belt asteroid discovered in 1930, named after the city
  • Tanga Cement, a cement company of Tanzania, named after the city
  • Tanga Moreau, a Belgian model
  • Tanga Station, a monorail station in Kitakyushu, Japan

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