Tanganyikan general election, 1958–59

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General elections were held in Tanganyika in September 1958 and February 1959. Elections were held in five constituencies on 8 and 12 September 1958, and in the other five on 9 and 15 February 1959.[1] The Tanganyika African National Union (TANU) won 28 of the 30 elected seats in the Legislative Council, whilst the remaining 34 members were appointed.[2][3]


Fifteen of the 30 elected seats were uncontested, all of which were won by the TANU.[4]


Party Votes % Seats
Tanganyika African National Union 47,685 74.4 30
United Tanganyika Party 6,909 10.9 0
African National Congress 53 0.0 0
Independents 8,557 13.6 0
Appointees 34
Total 63,204 100 64
Source: Nohlen et al.

By constituency[edit]

Constituency Candidate Party Votes %
Tanga Africans John Keto Tanganyika African National Union 3,555
Petro Chambuya Mntambo 1,854
Zuberi Mwinyisheikh Mtemvu African National Congress 53
Paul Nkanyemka 49
Asians Krishna Beldev Independent 3,550
Mohamed Hussain 1,435
Fazelabbas Sylemanji Khambalia 350
Mukhtar Ahmed Ayaz 76
Europeans Roderick Neville Independent 3,439
David Lead United Tanganyika Party 1,972
Source: East Africa and Rhodesia[5]


In December 1959, the United Kingdom agreed to the establishment of internal self-government, after fresh elections the following year.[6]


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