Tanganyikan general election, 1958–1959

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General elections were held in Tanganyika in September 1958 and February 1959. Elections were held in five constituencies on 8 and 12 September 1958, and in the other five on 9 and 15 February 1959.[1] The Tanganyika African National Union won 28 of the 30 elected seats in the Legislative Council, whilst the remaining 34 members were appointed.[2][3]

In December 1959, the United Kingdom agreed to the establishment of internal self-government, after fresh elections the following year.[4]


Party Votes % Seats
Tanganyika African National Union 47,685 74.4 28
United Tanganyika Party 6,909 10.9 2
African National Congress 53 0.0
Independents 8,557 13.6
Appointees 34
Total 63,204 100 64
Source: Nohlen et al.


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