Tangguh gas field

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Tangguh gas field
Tangguh gas field is located in Indonesia
Tangguh gas field
Location of Tangguh gas field
Country Indonesia
Region West Papua
Location Bintuni Bay
Offshore/onshore Offshore
Coordinates 2°26′14″S 133°8′10″E / 2.43722°S 133.13611°E / -2.43722; 133.13611Coordinates: 2°26′14″S 133°8′10″E / 2.43722°S 133.13611°E / -2.43722; 133.13611
Operator BP
Partners BP (37%)
CNOOC (17%)
Mitsubishi Corporation
Nippon Energy
Nissho Iwai
Field history
Discovery 1990s[1]
Start of production 2009
Producing formations Jurassic[2]

The Tangguh gas field lies in Bintuni Bay, in the province of West Papua, Indonesia. The natural gas field contains over 500 billion m³ (17 Tcf) of proven natural gas reserves, with estimates of potential reserves reaching over 800 billion cubic metres (28 trillion cubic feet).

The Tangguh field is developed by a consortium of international companies, led by BP (37% stake), CNOOC (17%), and Mitsubishi Corporation (16.3%). Smaller partners include the Japanese companies Nippon Energy, Kanematsu, Sumitomo, and Nissho Iwai.

Production began in June 2009.[3]

Natural gas extracted from the field will be liquefied and the resulting LNG transported to Asian customers, mostly in China, South Korea, Japan. The project is expected to allow Indonesia to keep a significant share of world LNG market, compensating the progressive phase-out of the Arun terminal in Sumatra, whose reserves are largely depleted.

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