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Tangled Up Tour
Tour by Girls Aloud
GirlsAloud TangledUpTourProgramme.jpg
Cover of tour programme
Associated album Tangled Up
Start date 3 May 2008
End date 29 August 2008
Legs 2
No. of shows 35
Girls Aloud concert chronology

The Tangled Up Tour was the fourth concert tour by British all-female pop group Girls Aloud. It supported their fourth studio album Tangled Up. Tour dates were announced in November 2007. Girls Aloud performed twenty-four shows at arenas across the United Kingdom and Ireland, making this tour their third to reach arenas. The tour commenced in Belfast on 3 May 2008 and concluded in Birmingham on 4 June. Girls Aloud also performed eleven open-air concerts over the summer.

The show was divided into five unique sections with distinct costumes, including the encore. The stage outfits, designed by Welsh designer Julien MacDonald, received comparisons to Madonna's Blond Ambition Tour. Girls Aloud began the show suspended from the ceiling wearing black cloaks before performing the opening number "Sexy! No No No...". The set list mostly included songs from Tangled Up, as well as earlier singles and album tracks. A ballad section took place on a smaller stage in the centre of the arena. Billiam, Luigi Masi, and The Saturdays provided support for Girls Aloud on the tour.

The tour generated positive reviews from critics, who noted the performance as being the most sexual of Girls Aloud's career to date. The Tangled Up Tour was filmed at the O2 Arena in London on 17 May 2008 and showed live at 50 Vue cinemas across the United Kingdom. This footage was released on DVD and Blu-ray under the title Tangled Up: Live from The O2 2008 in October 2008. The tour has also been broadcast on a number of television channels.

Background and development[edit]

The first dates were announced by various news sources towards the end of November 2007. Pre-sale tickets were offered on Girls Aloud's official website on 22 November 2007.[1] In March 2008, Girls Aloud signed a deal to front an ad campaign for a new low-calorie KitKat bar called "Senses". The chocolate bar manufacturer also sponsored the tour.[2] These chocolate bar were handed out for free at the arenas.

The announcement of the tour helped to stop rumours that the band were splitting up. The stories surfaced after Nadine Coyle pulled out of a reality television show for the second time.[3] It was widely reported in April 2008 that Cheryl Cole was working on solo material with producer T2.[4][5] These accusations were quickly denied, with Cole saying that she "had been in tour rehearsals every day."[6] The band put a further stop to these rumours at their London show, by announcing that they would be recording a new album.[7]

The show reportedly cost an estimated £3 million to stage, with £250,000 worth of pyrotechnics.[8] It is estimated that Girls Aloud went through "15 tubes of mascara, 145 sets of fake eyelashes, 50 cans of hairspray, 250 fake nails, 150 pairs of fishnets" during their 34-date tour.[9] Girls Aloud called the show their most "extravagant and rewarding" yet.[8] Sarah Harding said that "over the years it gets bigger and more elaborate."[10] The stage outfits were designed by Welsh designer Julien MacDonald, London-based Norwegian designer Kristian Aadnevik, and Liza Bruce.[11][12][13] MacDonald designed "a set of crystal beaded numbers drenched in his signature sparkle" and "a collection of sci-fi inspired bodysuits."[11] Kimberley Walsh told press that the band was "really excited about the tour" and had "loads of things planned."[14] Luigi Masi, Billiam and The Saturdays provided support for Girls Aloud on the tour.[15]

Girls Aloud played a number of festivals and open-air concerts over the summer. They were scheduled to perform at the Beamish Summer Festival, held at Beamish Hall in August as part of a two-day event organised by Hope 4 Kidz.[16] However, due to weather problems, the concert was cancelled. Girls Aloud also played at Pop in the Park and 2008's V Festival.[17] They previously performed at V Festival in 2006 with a shortened set of their Chemistry Tour.

Concert synopsis[edit]

For the opening of the Tangled Up Tour, the band members were suspended from the ceiling wearing black cloaks. The video screen shows Cheryl Cole singing the vocodered intro to "Sexy! No No No…".[18] Girls Aloud reached the stage as the song became more uptempo, removing their cloaks and revealing sci-fi inspired bodysuits.[11][18] They then perform Tangled Up album track "Girl Overboard". During "Sound of the Underground", Girls Aloud use "semi-naked male dancers as both props and furniture.[18] The first section of the show is finished by "Close to Love", another album track.

For the second section of the show, Girls Aloud wear black cabaret numbers. They perform "Can't Speak French", followed by "Love Machine". Album track "Black Jacks" is "performed on a rotating stage complete with a hugely energetic dance routine from both the girls and their dancers" and features a "snappy monochrome stage design."[18][19] "Biology" is "slowed down slightly" and "interrupted" with a jazz interlude.[18]

During their ballad section, Girls Aloud perform "Whole Lotta History" and "I'll Stand by You". They also perform a stripped-down cover of Robyn's "With Every Heartbeat".[20] They originally performed the song for BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge, a recording of which is available on the "Can't Speak French" single.[21] They wore dresses designed by Kristian Aadnevik which mixed "kaleidoscopic colours, leather and chiffon."[12]

Following a brief video introduction, Girls Aloud perform "Fling" in gold sequined mini-dresses.[12][18] The group also perform a cover of Salt-n-Pepa's "Push It".[12][22] They then perform a medley of "Wake Me Up" and "Walk This Way". Additionally, Cheryl Cole sang a "quick incerpt" of Kelis' "Trick Me" at the end of "Control of the Knife", noted by critics as a "tabloid-friendly decision."[19][23] The set ends with "Call the Shots" and "Jump".[18]

For the encore of "Something Kinda Ooooh", Girls Aloud wear high-cut Liza Bruce day-glo coloured leotards and nude fishnets amidst pyrotechnics.[13][18]

Opening acts[edit]


  1. "Sexy! No No No..." (with video introduction)
  2. "Girl Overboard"
  3. "Sound of the Underground"
  4. "Close to Love"
  5. "Can't Speak French"
  6. "Love Machine"
  7. "Black Jacks"
  8. "Biology"
  9. "Whole Lotta History"
  10. "With Every Heartbeat" (Robyn cover)
  11. "I'll Stand By You"
  12. "Fling" (with video introduction)
  13. "Push It"
  14. "Wake Me Up" / "Walk This Way"
  15. "Control of the Knife" (contains excerpts of "Trick Me")
  16. "Call The Shots"
  17. "Jump"
  18. "Something Kinda Ooooh"

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
First leg[24]
3 May 2008 Belfast Northern Ireland Odyssey Arena
4 May 2008
5 May 2008
7 May 2008 Glasgow Scotland Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre
8 May 2008
10 May 2008 Bournemouth England Windsor Hall
11 May 2008
13 May 2008 Brighton Brighton Centre
14 May 2008
16 May 2008 London The O2 Arena
17 May 2008
18 May 2008 Cardiff Wales Cardiff International Arena
20 May 2008 Nottingham England Trent FM Arena Nottingham
21 May 2008 Sheffield Sheffield Arena
23 May 2008 Birmingham National Indoor Arena
24 May 2008 Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
25 May 2008
27 May 2008 Aberdeen Scotland Press & Journal Arena
28 May 2008
30 May 2008 Liverpool England Echo Arena Liverpool
31 May 2008 Manchester Manchester Evening News Arena
1 June 2008
3 June 2008 Cardiff Wales Cardiff International Arena
4 June 2008 Birmingham England LG Arena
Second leg
4 July 2008 Warwick England Warwick Castle
17 July 2008 Esher Sandown Park Racecourse
18 July 2008 Newmarket Newmarket Racecourse
25 July 2008 Edinburgh Scotland Edinburgh Castle
27 July 2008 East Cowes England Osborne House
3 August 2008 Acton Dorfold Hall
16 August 2008 Elton Elton Hall
16 August 2008 Weston-under-Lizard Weston Park
17 August 2008 Chelmsford Hylands Park
23 August 2008 Battle Battle Abbey
29 August 2008 Harewood Harewood House
Cancellations and rescheduled shows
24 August 2008 Stanley, England Beamish Hall This concert was cancelled due to weather problems.[citation needed]
14 September 2008 Derry Hill, England Bowood House This concert was cancelled due to weather problems.[citation needed]

Broadcasts and recordings[edit]

Tangled Up: Live from The O2 2008
Girls-Aloud-Tangled-Up DVD.jpg
Video by Girls Aloud
Released 27 October 2008
Recorded O2 Arena
17 May 2008
Genre Pop
Length 102 mins
Label Polydor
Girls Aloud chronology
Tangled Up: Live from The O2 2008
Out of Control: Live from the O2 2009
(2009)Out of Control: Live from the O2 20092009

The tour was recorded on 17 May at the O2 Arena in London and shown live across 50 Vue cinemas up and down the country.[25] Footage was released later that year when Tangled Up: Live from The O2 2008 was released on DVD and Blu-ray on 27 October 2008. In addition to the show, bonus features included a backstage documentary, music videos and trailers for the Tangled Up album. The DVD was certified gold by the British Phonographic Industry.[26] A shortened version of the recording was shown on Channel 4 various times in December 2008.

Critical response[edit]

The Tangled Up Tour received mostly positive reviews from contemporary music critics. The Independent gave the show four stars, saying that "even their between-song chatter is amusing". Although low points were noted, the review continued that "Girls Aloud remain confidently the only pop show in town."[27] The Daily Record said they "pulled out all the stops."[28] Becky Reed of Clickmusic gave the show four stars and stated, "Never mind that original banter and individual personality is lacking, the chemistry and magic is all there in the spectacle of the show."[18]

The Mirror called it "the most sexually-charged performance of their career".[29] Many reviews focused on Girls Aloud's provocative attire, comparing it to Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier's famous designs for her 1990 Blond Ambition Tour.[8][12][30][31] Reed complimented the costumes: "Girls Aloud have finally moved on from the market stall clobber and now resemble the Kylie-esque superstars they deserve to be."[18]

The Times only gave the show two stars. "The songs varied wildly in quality. While upbeat belters... tapped into the hedonistic rush of classic gay disco, too much of the set felt graceless and flat."[32] The critique even said "the famous five could easily have been interchangeable Stepford androids."[32] Despite having praise for the girls, Nick Levine of Digital Spy observed "one too many bum notes."[19]

Many shows on the Tangled Up Tour sold out including two dates at the UK's most renowned venue, the O2 in London and because of the overwhelming success of the initial dates announced, more were added due to public demand.


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