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Coordinates: 22°43′48″S 42°42′50″W / 22.73000°S 42.71389°W / -22.73000; -42.71389 Tanguá is a municipality located in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro. It covers an area of 145,5 km².[1]

Its population is relatively stable, with 29.481 in 2005[2] and 30.732 in 2010,[1] most of them urban.[1] This equates to a population density of 211 inhabitants per km².[1]

The municipality contains part of the Central Rio de Janeiro Atlantic Forest Mosaic of conservation units, created in 2006.[3] It contains the 878 hectares (2,170 acres) Serra do Barbosão Municipal Nature Park, created in 2007 to protect an area of Atlantic Forest.[4]


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