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Tanhouse Lane
Place Widnes
Area Halton
Coordinates 53°21′46″N 2°42′41″W / 53.36278°N 2.71139°W / 53.36278; -2.71139Coordinates: 53°21′46″N 2°42′41″W / 53.36278°N 2.71139°W / 53.36278; -2.71139
Grid reference SJ527853
Original company Sheffield and Midland Railway Companies' Committee
Pre-grouping Sheffield and Midland Railway Companies' Committee
Post-grouping Sheffield and Midland Railway Companies' Committee
Platforms 2[1]
1 September 1890 (1890-09-01) Station opened as "Tanhouse"
Before 1922 Station renamed as "Tanhouse Lane"
5 October 1964 (1964-10-05) Station closed
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Tanhouse Lane railway station is a closed station on the former Sheffield and Midland Railway Companies' Committee line, which formed a loop off the Cheshire Lines Committee (CLC) line in the Widnes area between Liverpool Central and Manchester Central.[2] It was opened on 1 September 1890 as "Tanhouse",[3] being changed later to "Tanhouse Lane". It closed on 5 October 1964.[4][5][6]

In 1922 13 "Down" (towards Liverpool) trains called on "Week Days" (Mondays to Saturdays). Eight ran from Warrington Central, two from Manchester Central and two started at Tanhouse Lane itself, all headed for Liverpool Central. One ran from Tanhouse Lane to Garston but by far the most exotic was the 12:15 from London Marylebone to Liverpool Central which called at Tanhouse Lane at 18:59. "Up" services were similar.[7]

The station was situated in an industrial area and was popular with workers travelling to and from it.[8] With the rise in the use of the motor car, the station was nominated for closure in the Beeching Report.[8][9] The final services ran on 3 October 1964, with the first service of the morning to terminate at Tanhouse Lane being a workmen's train;[8] and the station closed from 5 October 1964.[5][6] The goods yard remained in use until the late 1990s to serve the Blue Circle cement facility on Tanhouse Lane.[8] The area fell into dereliction[10] until a short section of the former Widnes Loop was converted into a heritage feature.[8] A short section of a wall from the station can still be seen.[8]

Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Widnes Central
Line and station closed
  Sheffield and Midland Railway Companies' Committee
Widnes Loop
Line closed, station open


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