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Tania Khalill
Tânia Khalil-2.jpg
Born Tânia Calil Padis Campos
(1977-07-08) July 8, 1977 (age 39)
São Paulo, Brazil
Nationality Brazilian
Occupation Actress
Height 1,66[1][2]
Spouse(s) Jair Oliveira (2005-present)
Children 2

Tania Khalill, stage name of Tânia Calil Padis Campos (born July 8, 1977) is a Brazilian actress.[3]

Early life[edit]

Tania practiced ballet for 16 years, between 6 and 22 years,[4] danced professionally for five in the Paulista Dance Company, formed by the classical ballet dancer Paula Castro,[1] lived for five months in Cuba to study at the National School Ballet of Cuba, one of the most respected in the world.[5] She also starred in advertising campaigns, and although a part of the cast of the Elite modeling agency, has never walked the catwalks.

To improve as a dancer, Tania sought inspiration in the theater and found a new vocation which was increasingly embarking on the path of dramatic art, leaving the dance side. Stepped in in the first seven years representing a play Juliet at school. She later decided to invest in an acting career so she studied drama for seven years and graduated from Carmina Actors School. She passed the courses Beto Silveira, Theatre-Macunaíma school, also attended the course in television and theater professionals in the studio for Wolf Maya[6] and the Theatre Workshop of Interpretation for Oswaldo Boaretto for five years.[7] The film made the course of the Great Azevedo and Márcio Mehiel. Tania also studied speech and presentation by SENAC TV.


In 2002 premiered on television in the supporting cast of the soap opera, Sabor da Paixão. In 2004 he participated in the show Galera, TV Cultura, a history teacher making and interprets it the first character of their prominence, the samba Nalva Ferrari in the novel Senhora do Destino, of Aguinaldo Silva, a role that was rumored to Scheila Carvalho and Luma de Oliveira.[8] In 2006, Nikki Ortega lived, a heel in Cobras & Lagartos. In 2008, participated in serious Casos e Acasos and Guerra & Paz. In 2009, around the novels, playing the passionate Duda in India – A Love Story.[9]

On stage, debuted in 1995 with a piece of Naum Alves. Since then he has staged works by Nelson Rodrigues, Short Comedy by Luís Fernando Veríssimo and directed by Wolf Maya, The Suitcase, by Larry Shue and directed by Isser Koriki,[10][11] along with José Rubens Chachá. In 2002, he participated in SCYSD short film, a film course design at FAAP in 2005 joined the cast of another short, The Opposite Sex, under the direction of Hudson Glauber[12] Finally in 2009, participates in the short Innocent directed by Thiago Luciano and Bob Shultz, who was at the 13th International Film Festival Latino in Los Angeles, United States.[13]

It was the cover of magazines: Boa Forma, Claudia, Manequim, Corpo a Corpo, among others. Sensual held for VIP magazine, with cover of the publication in September 2004, was still present in the list of one hundred sexiest women in the world in the same magazine that year was also considered one of the 25 sexiest women in the annual ranking of the journal This is People in 2004[14] and 2009.[15] She refused the invitation of men's magazine Playboy to pose nude.[16]

In 2010 Great Little attended the show, the children's musical based on the book was titled CD released by Jair Oliveira in 2009 and was nominated for a Grammy Latino in the same year.[17][18][19] We recently debuted the piece ?, with text by Mario Viana and opposite Dalton Vigh.[20]

In 2010 the actress involved with a children's project, launched in October, Acampamento de Férias 2 - A Arvore da Vida, where he plays Débora.[21] In the film, the actress will work with Murilo Rosa and Isaiah Washington in the sci-fi Area Q, a co-production between Brazil and the United States, which deals with the appearance of aliens in Quixadá and Quixeramobim, Ceará cities. She will live Valkyrie, a reporter at the service of self-interested superpower. The film is directed by Gerson Sanginitto Halder Gomes and production of the recordings take place in Ceará and Los Angeles.[22][23][24]

In 2011 was in the telenovela Fina Estampa, playing the teacher Letícia.[25] In 2012 interpreted the turquoise Ayla in the telenovela Salve Jorge of Glória Perez.[26] In 2013, she played a cabaret dancer Dália, the telenovela Joia Rara.[27]

Personal life[edit]

Tania was born to a pediatrician Emiliano Campos and a psychologist Terezinha Calil Campos (the Calil's name, she turned into Khalill) in São Paulo's Partridges neighborhood. She[28] is the second of three daughters and is of Spanish and Syrian Descent. As a teenager she studied at the Brazilian Baptist College. In 2000, Tania graduated in psychology at the University Mackenzie,[29] even though she never practiced psychology as a profession.

In December 10, 2005 Talia went to a bar in São Paulo and fell in love with the singer who later ended up being her husband singer Jair Oliveira (who was also part of the famous Brazilian group Turma do Balão Mágico). They tied the knot at Our Lady of Perpetual Help church located in São Paulo. However, the marriage only lasted for four years and they have two children together [30] Isabella, born July 10, 2007 in São Luiz hospital[31] and Laura born March 5, 2011 in São Luiz hospital.



Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2002 Sabor da Paixão secretary of Alexandre Cameo [32]
2004 Galera Plurabelle (professor of history) [33]
Senhora do Destino Nalva (Marinalva Ferrari) [34]
2006 Cobras & Lagartos Nikki (Nicole Ortega) [35]
Pé na Jaca Paula Cameo [36]
2008 Guerra & Paz Vivi Episode: "Ricos & Pobres" [37]
Casos e Acasos Fabiana Episode: "O Colar, O Cachorro e O DVD" [38]
Casos e Acasos Iara Episode: "A Nova Namorada, o Chefe e o Dia Fértil" [38]
2009 India – A Love Story Duda (Maria Eduarda de Moraes Garrido) [39]
Episódio Especial Herself Cameo [40]
2011 Acampamento de Férias 2 Débora [41]
Fina Estampa Letícia Fernandes Prado [42]
2012 Salve Jorge Ayla [43]
2013 Joia Rara Dália [44]


Year Title Role Ref
2011 Area Q Valquíria
2015 Meu Amigo Hindu Rosemary
2017 Eu Fico Loko: O Filme


Year Title Role
1995 No Natal a Gente Vem Te Buscar
2003 Curta Comédia
2007 O Mala Tansy
2010 Grandes Pequeninos - O Show


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