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Tanima Sen
Nationality Indian
Occupation Actress, director

Tanima Sen is a Bengali film and television actress.[1][2] She started her acting career after marriage.

Acting career[edit]


Though Sen is mainly popular as a film and television actress, she started as a theatre artist. In 1984 she made her acting debut in a local theatre group. In 1985 she acted in a play named Baluchari which was staged at Star Theatre, Kolkata and continued for 500 shows. Besides acting she has also written plays. A play, Swarger Kache written by Sen was staged by Bengali theatre group Rangmahal.[2]

In 1994 she started her own theatre group Shyambazar apalak.[2]


In 1995–1996 Sen was first cast in a television serial in Jodi Emon Hoto. She has also worked in the serials like Janmabhumi, Roopkotha, Labonyer Sangsar, Swaragini-Jodein Rishton Ke Sur, and Pandemonium.



  • Baluchari (1985)
  • Kacher Putul
  • Swikarakti
  • Ghar- Jamai (1989)
  • Swarger Kache (playwright)




  • Zee Bangla award for 1) "Dhyattarika" and 2) "Labonnoyer Sansar" (twice)[2]
  • Uttam Kumar Smriti Award (twice)[2]
  • Hemanta Kumar Smriti (memorial) award.[2]
  • Shyamal Mitra Smriti (memorial) award.[2]
  • Shubendu Smriti (memorial) award.[2]
  • Pramathesh Barua Smriti (memorial) award.[2]
  • Vivek Samman award.[2]
  • Dishari Award for her roles in theatre.[2]

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