Tanimachi Kyūchōme Station

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Tanimachi Kyūchōme
Tanimachi 9-chome Station 03.jpg
Station entrance
Location Ikutamamaemachi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu
Coordinates Coordinates: 34°40′1.72″N 135°30′57.03″E / 34.6671444°N 135.5158417°E / 34.6671444; 135.5158417
Operated by Osaka Municipal Subway
Connections Kintetsu Railway at Osaka Uehommachi
Other information
Station code T25, S18
Opened 1968
Tanimachi Kyūchōme is located in Japan
Tanimachi Kyūchōme
Tanimachi Kyūchōme
Location within Japan

Tanimachi Kyūchōme Station (谷町九丁目駅 Tanimachi Kyūchōme-eki?) is a railway station on the two lines of Osaka Municipal Subway in Ikutamamaemachi, Tennōji-ku, Osaka, Japan. Nicknamed "Tani Kyū (たにきゅう?)", the station connects with Osaka Uehommachi Station on the Kintetsu lines.


Ticket gates

Service pattern[edit]

The typical hourly off-peak service from this station is as follows.

Tanimachi Line[edit]

  • 12 trains to Miyakojima, of which:
    • 6 continue to Dainichi
  • 12 trains to Fuminosato, of which:
    • 6 continue to Yaominami

Sennichimae Line[edit]

  • 8 trains (every 7.5 minutes) to Nodahanshin
  • 8 trains (every 7.5 minutes) to Minami-Tatsumi

Station layout[edit]

Tanimachi Line platforms

The station consists of two side platforms serving two tracks for the Tanimachi Line on the first basement, and an island platform serving two tracks for the Sennichimae Line on the second basement.


Tanimachi Line[edit]

1  Tanimachi Line for Tennoji, Fuminosato, and Yaominami
2  Tanimachi Line for Higashi-Umeda, Miyakojima, and Dainichi

Sennichimae Line[edit]

1  Sennichimae Line for Tsuruhashi and Minami-Tatsumi
2  Sennichimae Line for Namba, Awaza, and Nodahanshin

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Tanimachi Line (T25)
Tanimachi Rokuchome (T24) - Shitennoji-mae Yuhigaoka (T26)
Sennichimae Line (S18)
Nippombashi (S17) - Tsuruhashi (S19)


The station opened on December 17, 1968 as a stop on Line 2. It became an interchange station on July 25, 1969 when it became the terminus of the section of Line 5 between here and Imazato. Later that year, on December 6, Lines 2 and 5 were named the Tanimachi and Sennichimae Lines respectively. On March 11, 1970, the section of the Sennichimae line between here and Sakuragawa opened, allowing trains to run to Nodahanshin.

Surrounding area[edit]

  • Ikukunitama Shrine
  • Kozugu
  • International House, Osaka
  • Seifu Junior/Senior High School
  • Uenomiya Junior/Senior High School
  • Meisei Junior/Senior High School
  • Uehommachi Hi-Hi Town
  • Kintetsu Group Holdings Headquarters
  • Kintetsu Department Store Uehommachi
  • Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka


Tanimachi Kyuchome (Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau)
  • Route 73 for Deto Bus Terminal via Uehommachi Rokuchome and Katsuyama Sanchome / for Namba
Uehommachi Rokuchome (Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau)
see Osaka Uehommachi Station


This article incorporates material translated from 谷町九丁目駅 (Tanimachi Kyūchōme-eki), retrieved December 31, 2009.